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September 16, 2012

Nice Day, Fried Head
Sunday. To bed just after eight. No fooling around last night, we set out to get a “proper” night's sleep to see if we couldn't axe this napping business. I didn't set foot outside the apartment yesterday after breakfast so the day was a wash. I won't say a waste, but a wash. Sometimes you miss things when you dismiss them all too easily. Maybe I had an insight that will lead to, well, something good.

Anyway I didn't get up until eight. To breakfast and back in the usual routine, coming home to finish yesterday's entry (try to salvage yesterday's entry) and then lie down for a bit to, you know, clear the head. No complaints, we seem to be in better order than we were yesterday. I say “order” in the sense that a complicated not quite all known set of factors seem to be in better shape. We're “in order” this morning, lame as it may sound.

But still, a Sunday, not many people about. A walk by the lake maybe, some lunch later at the usual place. An experimental picture or two to test some settings on the camera, the new camera as it happens, although most of the settings apply to all. I got to thinking about the reunion pictures, the exposure, the color balance, and figured I'd check a couple of things out.

Later. A leisurely walk down over to the lake to sit for a bit by the white columns before walking on to the morning café for a grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream and coffee, sitting for a good thirty minutes outside at a table in the sun. Very restful, very nice. We are taking this Sunday easy.

A photograph or two walking back, all the benches by the white columns occupied and so not stopping to sit and contemplate the day, a picture of the sidewalk and the grass by the lake. I'm not the only one out in the sun. The breeze just a bit cool making a light jacket a good idea as I was leaving for lunch, the breeze just a bit cool making it a good idea while returning home to not sit in that light jacket out in what was by then a too warm sun. A really good morning in other words.

Something to do today inside, I suspect. I don't see going downtown later, not much open on Sundays, not many people on the streets, best to do something more productive here than to just sit surfing my news spots on the web. Only so much news, only so much web a mind can take. Maybe do some of those experiments with the camera I was suggesting, do them inside, something not too time consuming lest I flake. In between guitar sessions.

Later still. Hmm. I just looked at yesterday's entry and got a file not found error. Did I not check it after I posted it this morning, as I do every morning? Maybe not. Have no idea what happened, we'll put it on the no idea pile and keep a watch out for the future, see if it happens again. We do that, these days, watch to see if some little stumble isn't a sign of times and tribulations to come. Tomorrow. Or later this afternoon.

Some guitar, some puttering around getting rid of old computer books and class notebooks (all circa 1999 for heaven's sake), filling their spaces with books and magazines that have been waiting on shelf space. We no longer have any sitting around now wanting shelf space, but they still accumulate and without closer supervision that day will come.

The Bill Moyers program is running in the background, ups the blood pressure a bit. My blood pressure, anyway, maybe not for everyone, but in following the various news programs an image of what's been happening over these last decades is now pretty clear. Whether that leads to anything happening to make changes, who knows? But interesting to fascinating none the less.

Evening. Another “I'd better lie down and let this thing pass” episode coming on around five, a total of about an hour lying down listening on and off to the radio in bed, up now feeling better. Always around five, always better later in the evenings than at any other time. I have no idea as to why. Nice day, fried head.

The photo up top was taken at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor AF lens.