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September 15, 2012

At A Minimum
Saturday. Not sure why I allowed the photographs last night to get so fuzzy. I'd jacked the ISO up to 5,000 and thought, at f 3.5 or so I was safe, but many were a bit more blurry than I'd have liked and for some reason I didn't catch it. Then again, sometimes these mistakes lead to interesting outcomes and some part of the mistake is then incorporated as an option into the everyday shooting routine. A psychologically comfortable way to talk yourself around making the error in the first place, maybe, but a narrative incorporating a grain of truth. There's always value, even in the smallest grain of truth.

To bed last night early - zonk! - up before the alarm to set out to breakfast and back, going by the supermarket on the way home to buy milk, cereal and popcorn. Air popped popcorn, something I've been out of for the last month. I will eat a bowl every now and again in the evenings, one of the few things prepared from scratch with a “pop!” here anymore, more heat and texture than calories (without the butter).

Air popped popcorn?

It seems to go in phases, months at a time, and then disappears to be almost, but not quite forgotten. Not sure why I even bring it up, but then around here it's not all that unusual.

Later. I'm glad I didn't drink anything last night as I'd then wonder if this very slow day had something to do with it. A nap in the morning for about an hour, and then another nap and then a third, the “want to go to bed and sleeps” finally lifting a bit now that it's four in the afternoon. Three real naps after what seemed to be a long night's rest is something of a record.

I did get a chance to say hello to the people I was looking to say hello to last night, but I wish I'd paid more attention to the pictures, spent a longer time shooting to get more people included and paid more attention to the camera setup. I haven't made a basic error like this in a while, it's one you learn very early on if you do any amount of shooting. Ah, well.

There's also a want, if not a need, to make the subjects look good or look better than you would if you where shooting complete strangers. I'm pretty good about tossing pictures from, say, a parade or a street festival if the image makes the person look too unflattering, that's not my interest or intention, but.... Well, you get the drift.

Evening. A good hour plus on the guitar, we'll finish the day out with more a bit later. Nothing much on television, a Beck at six I've seen before, remembering who done it this time, although not the exact way the bad guy was, well, undone.

I did finally fix the Windows update problem I've been having now for well over two months, the list of updates installing each time I shut down the computer and then blowing up when the computer booted in the mornings, giving me an installation failure message. I installed each of what have become by now twelve outstanding updates by installing them in small groups, finally ending when I found the one update that was giving the problem.

You may say hooray but then ask so what, but it's been bugging me for a while as I still have one or two small shreds of ego left in thinking of myself as a reasonably “competent” techie. That one problem update streamed a registry update on the screen that the others didn't and that evidently causes the install to fail if there are other updates right behind it. Not so intuitive unless you've messed with this stuff in the past.

Anyway, I booted the thing four or five times in tracking it down and now no more update failures when I boot the computer in the mornings. Embarrassing for an old techie. We procrastinate, yes, but not forever.

To bed early tonight - this has been a very dumpy day - we'll see how the head is rotating tomorrow. More naps? More carping? More babble? One hopes. At a minimum.

The photo up top was taken at the APL reunion party last night with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens.