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September 3, 2009

Feeling Just Fine
Thursday. It took a bit of time to get to sleep last night, the cough, of course, but it was better and easier than it has been in the near past. I was able to sleep in until eight, a civilized hour, even for those who've retired, breakfast at the usual place reading the papers, back to watch the last two thirds of my Wednesday-Thursday morning Korean soap (I'll catch the part I missed later this evening) and now, here at the apartment, it's eleven in the morning with the sky clear, the head halfway clear and the day ahead. What else can be said?

I'm due to meet Mr. E and some of the usual crew late this afternoon at Roy's for a beverage and to catch up on what's been going on these last couple of weeks. The job market sucks, we can talk about that. The job market sucks, we can talk about that too. Otherwise, maybe another baseball game is in order, a road trip to wherever, a hot dog for dinner. We'll find ways to fill our time spent over Guinness even if we don't.

The Bay Bridge is closing at eight this evening to remove a section of the bridge and replace it with a temporary section, all a part of retrofitting the Bay Bridge against another earthquake. The bridge will be out (if all goes well) until Tuesday morning; out, in other words, for the entire Labor Day weekend. Close to three hundred thousand vehicles cross the bridge on any given work day, closing it for four days is not a small thing to undertake.

Maybe we'll discuss this too over Guinness, erudite bastards that we are, particularly as at least one of our group is still commuting from San Francisco to Oakland and, in his particular case, crazy enough not to just chill and take tomorrow off. We do have others in the group. Other “crazies”. I would never suggest we have membership limits against the crazed and impossible. Time, of course, has weeded out many of our members who've lived too close to the edge of that particular envelope, but it still leaves plenty of room for those remaining who aren't yet resting in peace.

That got out of hand pretty fast.

Yes it did.

Later. A walk to the bank to deposit a check, a walk back to sit here in front of the fan. It somehow seems that these last few days, projected to be cooler by the weather people, have in fact, been less cool than they were projecting; than I was hoping, and sitting in front of a fan discussing this mismatch has been the result. I'm complaining and know I shouldn't, there is heat and there is heat and this is not “heat” as many people know. Still, sitting here, I spout. And spout. And then occasionally cough, but less often now (thank goodness; thank the goddess; thank the lucky stars). But even the cough is not the cough of doom as the temperatures are not the temperatures of doom. Maybe it's just my way of avoiding my photography projects, maybe it's, well, time to give it a rest. Right now.

Evening. A warm, muggy evening, a good evening to be drinking Guinness, four of us at Roy's doing just fine, thank you. What did we talk about? Who knows? I had more than my self directed two, more like five over three hours, back now in good fettle an hour or so before my Korean soap, that first third of the episode I missed this morning: no problem. I must admit from watching the chapter yesterday and then entering the chapter this morning twenty minutes late, I couldn't tell exactly what I might have missed. This is something like chapter fifty or so, maybe that's the way you write a series that long: you miss one, you miss two, you miss the first third of but one episode and it doesn't really matter. OK. Something new to learn at my age.

An ice cream sandwich at the local seven-eleven look alike on the way home as we didn't eat anything at Roy's. No appetite today. A light breakfast, Guinness and an ice cream sandwich for a Thursday in September, 2009, the head feeling just fine, thank you.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland 2009 Chinatown Street Festival with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor lens at f 1.4 at 1/6400th second, ISO 200.