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September 2, 2009

Cameras At Hand
Wednesday. Four in the morning, awakening coughing after getting to sleep last night without particular effort. The lungs evidently fill with liquid lying down. OK, four in the morning, we can chill, see if we can't get another hour or two in before getting up for breakfast. Feel OK otherwise, just, you know, coughing.

Later. I guess I can say I was able to get back to sleep earlier with fewer problems than in the past, the coughing, yes, but it only lasted for a bit before dropping off. Up like a lion, out like a lamb. Pisces turned on its head. Up then again at nine instead of six, a walk to breakfast with the papers, a walk back home now that it's eleven to sit and chill. Or take a nap. Or something like that. When I way “walk” I'm not being accurate. “Amble”, “ramble”, not quite “crawl” might be more like it. “Crawl”, not in the sense of hands and knees, but at a similar pace.

Still, the day has started, I've cobbled together what seems to have been a decent night's sleep and Nikon has emailed saying they've received and are working on the camera. They didn't mention when I'll see it again, but I'm guessing the beginning of next week. No charge, of course, since they didn't catch it the first time they had it. How they missed a non functioning auto focus problem I don't know, but it may have saved some money as they're saying replacing a major component is required. Don't drop your cameras unless you absolutely must, my sure footed buckos, there'll be pain involved.

Pain? You've still got cameras coming out your ears.

I'm self commiserating, here, applying Main Stream Media balm to my yarn: pain and sorrow, tears and fears over facts and logic. We are getting into the modern media savvy Fox News Network Era here in Oakland.

Then again the sun is out and they're saying the temperature will not reach unreasonable heights, although it's more than a bit muggy at the moment and I'm happy to be sitting inside in front of a fan. The chest is a bit liquid, but again, doesn't erupt unless I lie down. As in napping. We'll see about that later in say another hour.

Later (more than another hour). An attempt at a nap, a run to the supermarket for necessary items (cat food, of course, none of which Ms. Emmy will eat) including tuna fish and a baguette, both of which were consumed for lunch. And I'm sitting here paying now for that lunch. It wasn't all that large a baguette or all that much tuna fish, but with the peanut butter too, well....

For what they were saying would be a not overly warm day it's eighty-six on the Oakland Yahoo weather site and, I suspect, the TV weather station has it in the high nineties. So be it. There's a health insurance reform rally in San Francisco in another half an hour, both of our senators to be in attendance, and I'd been turning over the idea of photographing it. No way with the cough and such, but we're making progress. There are other upcoming events this weekend and, as I mentioned, I have the necessary cameras at hand (as well as the cough).

The photograph was taken at the Oakland 2009 Chinatown Street Festival with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor lens at f 1.4 at 1/6400th second, ISO 200.