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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Family party on Bainbridge Island

September 8th, 2003

Bush For President
I walked by my old camera shop this noon hour and took a quick look. A crew was inside packing it into boxes. Lots of boxes. To take off site and shelter while they rebuilt the interior? Maybe. I hope. It's been there since the 1940's. Big changes in camera stores since the 1940's. Since the 1980's. Since the 90's. Film sales are shrinking, they'll shrink more over the next decade. I have nine rolls of black and white I need developed, that I may well end up developing myself, kicking and complaining, of course, as I find my nose flat against the digital present.

Eighty-seven billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. That was always the problem, of course. Once we'd invaded Iraq we owned it: good, bad, happy or sad, we'd bought our ticket and we were on for the ride. To where? I didn't believe we should have invaded Iraq and certainly not alone on our own without support, but we did, we're there and now we're there we can't pull out. Saddam, for example. It seems he's alive, has access to billions and is probably financing something really horrendous as we sit watching from afar. He's pissed. We killed his sons (who were monsters, but monsters do beget monsters and monsters, like many another parent, are put off by people who kill their children). So he's probably working at something to let us know he's upset.

So, film is dying, albeit not dead, and the world is a more dangerous place because we've botched Iraq and Afghanistan?

Well, film is still around and it's going to be around for a long time after I'm gone. Iraq, well, it's easy to become depressed over Iraq, but the world isn't predictable and who knows what's going to happen? People who see nothing but bad when we screw up are doomed to do nothing but bad time. Moan, groan. We all know them. Maybe we've got one of them here. So I think I'll shoot some pictures and hope for the best (and vote for someone other than Bush for President).

The photograph was taken at a Family party on Bainbridge Island.