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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Seattle Pike's Street Market

September 7th, 2003

And Weddings
My dentist (I had a dentist's appointment Saturday morning) thinks allergies. Perhaps something in my apartment, perhaps something I'm eating. "Listen to your body, write down everything you eat, write down those times you experience symptoms, particularly if they involve watering eyes or a running nose." I don't get watering eyes or a running nose, but I've wondered about allergies. I've noticed at work sometimes my symptoms are worse in the mornings and get better as the afternoon approaches. Time away from the apartment? We'll see. I hope it isn't Emmy. Had I been on vacation, recently? Had the symptoms gotten better? Well, actually not. My trip to Seattle was problematic. Mumble. We'll see.

And, of course, MSJ was married early Saturday evening. A really nice ceremony at Scott's Garden Restaurant in Walnut Creek - good food, good booze, good company. I'd been feeling less than enthusiastic about the project, packing the cameras, the funky head, feeling tired, but all things cleared up (including what appears to be my built in grouchiness) when I arrived. A nice place, maybe a hundred guests, enough friends from work to have someone to say hello to and talk with (And shoot their pictures. The hell with all those other people.) Didn't recognize MSJ at first (how do you miss someone in a wedding dress?) as she had her hair up (very nice, very nice) and she was wired as all brides are wired on the insanity of planning, juggling, managing and pulling off this tortuous relic we call a wedding.

Earthquakes, wars, terror attacks, fires and weddings.

The photograph was taken in Seattle's Pike Street Market.