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Maybe the first of many.

September 29th, 2001

I Think This is a Fake
This was bouncing around the office on Friday. It was attached to an email that said it was developed from a roll of film taken from a camera found in the wreckage. Assuming the film could survive, which it could, why the date stamp? Not unusual with digital cameras and there are film cameras that will date stamp a negative, but generally film doesn't place it in the image itself. Full size section from photo above.I could be wrong, but the date stamp to me is a pretty sure sign of fraud. I looked at the aircraft in PhotoShop, and it looked clean, but I'm no expert and bringing in an image of an aircraft shouldn't be all that difficult. The area around the date stamp looks fishy, as if it were cut from another photograph. The color around the numerals doesn't match the background.

Other issues - is that the same make and model airplane? - could be checked, but my guess is this is a joke crafted after the event by some kid down the block.

And if it's real? Well, what's real anymore and what isn't?

A photograph attached to an email received by more than one person at my office.