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Oakland Art and Soul Festival.

September 5th, 2001

And A Camera
Rumor, rumor. A fifteen to twenty percent cut in staff coming up pretty quick. But who believes in rumors? Anymore.

I drove over to South San Francisco just before noon yesterday to have a heart scan. It's used to see if there's any indication of calcium in the arteries. Calcium in the arteries is a sign of coming problems and my doctor suggested I get one to see if it was worthwhile to take some cholesterol lowering drugs. My numbers are high, but not over the top. This particular test is usually not covered by health insurance, so the five hundred dollars it cost will probably put me off buying that telephoto lens this week. That and the rumors of layoffs. Except, if I really am falling apart, I might as well spend it now if there's not going to be a later. Decisions. Always decisions. Plenty of time to place the order and get it here by the weekend.

An internationally known journaler photographer sent me an email saying "Get yourself some nice business cards". I talked aboutOakland Art and Soul Festival getting a business card printed to pass out when someone asked "Are you a professional...." Sure, kid. Here's my card: name, phone number, email address and a clever black and white photograph that I took with one of these big Nikons here. But which photograph? I take pictures of people on the street and that's OK for publication: newspapers, magazines, web sites - it's considered fair use - but it isn't OK to put someone's image on a business card without permission. I have the dog on the chair photograph I use on my journal page. I could use that, I suppose. Dogs have fewer rights to their images unless they're name is Lassie. Lassie has (or had) lawyers. I wonder if that dog of mine has lawyers or an owner who cares one way or another? Decisions, decisions. I'll go through the contact sheets.

I began reading another Hiaasen book, Double Whammy, with a detective character who began life as a photographer, a successful downtown big client studio fashion photographer, the kind that makes actual money, who then fell to the level of underpaid photo journalist, because he somehow felt this was a more honest expression of his talent, who now has fallen to the level of private detective (with camera) who is looking into bass fisherman chicanery and murder. Just a man and his camera. Awwww.....

Both photographs were taken on Labor Day at the Oakland Art and Soul Festival. I'm quoting myself at the top, by the way, except someone more quotable has probably already said it.