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Here In Oakland

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October 15, 2016

Pretty Much

Saturday. Another decent night with lights out after nine, awakening at quarter to six to walk to breakfast, no sign of immanent rain. Dark though and therefor odd to see a hundred, maybe two hundred people across Grand at the white column pergola by the lake, signing up for something at tables. In the dark? This early? Too dark to read the signs (although the camera, set at ISO 5,000, had no trouble resolving them). We'll check it out on the way back.

An avocado and cheese omelet with the usual fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, although they forgot to include the avocado. Not great for the blood thinner, they suggest not eating too much of it and other greens, and so I didn't mention the fact. Still clear, no rain, and so a comfortable walk home, detouring to see what was up at the lake.

A Suicide Prevention Walk. Surprised me somewhat. Yes, any number of suicides is deplorable, to be diagnosed and fought, but so many people out so early on what was expected to be a stormy morning? How endemic is suicide? So pictures.

Later. A walk back to the lake an hour after returning from breakfast, thinking I'd get more pictures of the Suicide Prevention Walk, only to find they'd packed up their tables and left. Just like that. The lake, after the rain, had the usual sheen of stuff floating on its surface, flushed into it by the two underground streams feeding into this spot on the lake, contained by the floating barrier just beyond the fountain. Happens with every rain.

So, nothing going on, back to the apartment. They're saying more rain later, a lot more tonight, with maybe a break tomorrow. The Berkeley Sunday Streets announced it was being delayed by a week, but there's the Dia de los Muertos exhibit showing at the Oakland California Museum downtown that I've photographed in the past. So stuff out there, rain or not.

Later still. It's been sunny, but now the clouds are looking a little grimmer and there's the kind of wind gusts you feel before a storm. So, if I was going to go outside again, my guess is that option's closed. Watching television, you understand, another day with a second dose of the pain meds taken at noon, the pain meds seemingly doing what it's advertised to do. No complaints.

I've been watching Law & Order episodes. The one character I've disliked in earlier episodes seems to have been dropped from the cast and so the one remaining downside is this particular series' specialization in sex crimes, both adults and children. Icky stuff, in other words, not unlike listening to the news these days about one of our presidential candidates. I wish they'd stick to simpler, more wholesome crime like robbery, extortion and murder.

Evening. Still no rain, still looks like rain is on the way, still haven't stuck my nose out the door, but the wind was really gusting when I descended the stairs to pick up the mail, the stairway open at the landings to the outside air.

Are you disappointed?

Well, they've been talking about a lot of wind, hundred mile an hour gusts along the Oregon coast, so we're, you know, hyped. Pretty much.

The photo up top was taken through a store window on Grand walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 VR macro Nikkor lens.