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Here In Oakland

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October 14, 2016


Friday. Another pretty good night, lights out by ten to awaken at quarter to six and immediately check the weather. Not raining, but dark and overcast and so driving instead of walking to breakfast in case it opened up later on the way home. It didn't, there'd been a sprinkle or two while I was eating, but otherwise it's just now arriving, so we'll experience it when I drive to the dentist's office at ten.

Later. I set out early in case there'd be delays and ended up arriving thirty minutes early to end up reading a magazine while waiting on the appointment to start at eleven. It was raining, but Highway 580 and 80 weren't as crowded as I'd been fearing (listening to the news peoples' warnings), but it was coming down with plenty of low level water and mist thrown up by the cars.

Driving back I took a route that didn't involve getting on Highway 80, thinking it would be more crowded, and ended up missing a turn (it really has been some time since I'd taken this route) and so “took the long way home”. Still raining, but arrived in one piece. Picked up a pint of strawberry ice cream on the way. If we can survive the drive, we can survive the potential after effects of ice cream.

The teeth are now clean, but with a referral to another dentist to check out a possible infection at the base of tooth 31. Hmm. Tooth 31. We'll make the call, but Monday. I've had enough dentists for the day.

Later still. The usual ways to dribble away a day. Rain, not hard, but rain out there and so time spent on the web, time spent on the tablet, no time for television, as there isn't anything I wanted to watch. A second dose of the pain meds after getting home from the dentist's office. Maybe the teeth cleaning stirred up trouble with the upper palate and the sinuses, maybe not, but the second dose seemed to kick in quite nicely after about an hour and life is quite a bit better.

Evening. Not raining out there for the while, watching Democracy Now, reading as I'm watching about a tornado setting down along the Oregon coast. Sounds like they're getting quite a bit more than we're getting down here at the edge of the storm. Such is life. Still, tornadoes in Oregon?

Watched New Tricks, one I've seen before. I guess I watched. Played along on the guitar as it was playing, wandered about doing this and that, all the while keeping up with the plot. So yeah, I watched. Bailed on Charlie Rose and so split for bed early again. Not raining. Be curious to see if we can walk to breakfast in the morning.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.