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Here In Oakland

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October 28, 2015

I Too

Wednesday. Fourteen innings before the Royals broke the tie and so to bed at ten-thirty, still having the same “trouble” getting to sleep, awakening two or three times during the night. Still, up at six-forty and off to walk to breakfast just after seven, feeling fine, not tired, clouds overhead, but some sun coming through now and again. Took another of an unending series of not very good pandorea flower pictures and documented the Grand Fare Market entrance on the way back home. A picture just like Monday's picture. He said.

Ah, well. Seems to work for me. We need to take Latham Square and apartment house construction site pictures today, we do, although I'm fighting the idea. As always now, just a bit. “Gets me out the door” is the well worn rationalization used to get started, although there may also be a prescription refill available for pick-up today (but more probably tomorrow).

Later. A bus downtown to get off at Latham Square and take a set of pictures. They're still digging up the area and laying pipe (and whatever else that goes under a city street), a task that seems to go on forever, but they're pouring concrete for larger and wider sidewalks and I wish I'd taken pictures now on Monday. Still, so far, so good.

The prescription had indeed been refilled and I was in and out of the pharmacy with it in hand in time to catch one of the free green buses to Grand, where I picked up a tuna and Swiss sandwich at the Subway before catching the bus to the apartment house construction site. It all fit together rather quickly, for a change, like pieces in a puzzle, this trip downtown to take pictures, get lunch and pickup a prescription, getting home by noon, the day's tasks pretty much done. The main tasks, anyway.

Not looking forward to wading through the photographs, after all the time I've been spending doing just that since the weekend, but the sky has cleared, the sun is shining and I'm sure we can talk ourself into getting these remaining things done. Hup!

Now I'm worried. Too much hard sell there, I doubt you're listening.

It's a Wednesday, the sun is shining and I've put off doing the laundry again (until tomorrow).

Later still. Watched the Charlie Rose interview with Bernie Sanders I just now learned had run on Monday and then got into the pictures for the following three hours. Takes time, these pictures, the camera and the taking just the beginning of a chain of steps that eventually leads to the web. No complaints, I'm the one who decided (somehow, not sure how or why) that's how I wanted to spend my time.

You're forgetting to include all that nourishing time you spend watching television!

Evening I don't have cable and so not able to watch or listen to the Republican debate tonight. We shall survive, but it would have been nice. There will be comments on and in the news tomorrow.

My, my. The second World Series game is being played. I would have preferred to watch the Republican debate, I would, but only barely. No complaints, Wednesdays are usually hopeless wastelands for television, given my current tastes.

We've heard enough of that.

I too.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.