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October 27, 2015

A Game

Tuesday. I did put the tablet aside last night to read another few chapters of Georges Simenon's Pietr the Latvian, his first (with seventy-four more to follow) Maigret novel. I've read half a dozen or so of the later novels in the series, also published by Penguin, and enjoyed them, this a writer I really hadn't been aware of until seeing some of the Maigret episodes on television. Anyway, a little clunky, maybe because it was his first attempt and written in 1929 in a different culture, but in that context still interesting. We'll continue.

To sleep again later than I'd have liked. Turned the lights out at ten, but sleep didn't come until after eleven. Awake early though, just before six, to get up and get out the door to drive to breakfast, rationalizing it was early enough and I'd have time to eat and finish the papers before the meters kicked in at eight. Which I did. Out the door and into the car by, well, eight-oh-five. Close enough.

And so another day starting in the fast lane, I see.

Let us be nice. It's only a Tuesday.

Later. A bus downtown, thinking I'd go by the Broadway ATM and take Latham Square pictures before picking up two large bottles of roughage pills. Life is infinitely easier with roughage pills and I ran out of them last night. Embarrassing to admit, but you learn through experience it's one of those less pleasant aspects of getting to a certain age.

So, downtown, but not stopping at the ATM, we'll go by it on the way back. Picked up the pills, looked at the watch and realized I still had just time enough to catch the bus. So much for photographing Latham Square and going by the ATM. We still have funds enough to get us through tomorrow without a problem. He said.

I was feeling cranky through all this, not for going downtown, but just, I don't know, cranky. Cranky. Happens not all that often, but often enough. No acting out, no terse remarks with others, but cranky inside, finding fault with people talking on the phone, dawdling while boarding or leaving the bus. Stuff too common and trivial to get cranky about if you want life to work. Another age thing? Maybe, but upsetting, so looking for ways to stop.

Home now, still quite overcast, they're saying a chance of showers tomorrow. Don't know if the overcast adds to the cranky outlook.

Later still. A walk to the ATM on Lakeshore passing by a crane and work crew up on top of and inside the building at 580 Grand. So I took a couple of pictures. Having seen the crane earlier, when driving to and from breakfast, I'd wanted to go back and take another look and that's the excuse I used to get out the door. Heading on to the ATM, once I was outside, was an easy proposition.

A bagel (with cream cheese, playing with fire there) and coffee at the small café near the 580 Grand construction site on the way home, realizing, if they have a crane doing something on the roof, it must be visible on the vacant lot side behind the building. And so a walk to take a look. Another couple of pictures.

Evening. Discovered the first game of the World Series was playing and so I watched. Been a while since I've watched a game.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.