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Here In Oakland

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October 5, 2015

My, My

Monday. To sleep early enough (I seem to recall), up at quarter past six, too early if I'm to start walking with enough light outside, so taking my time getting up before setting out. Passed by the Grand Fare market that's been under construction now for these last few months, this its first day of operation. Interesting looking place, lots of stainless steel and such visible through the windows, still can't see if it's a place I might frequent. Another sign of continuing gentrification as it has an oyster bar, a wine and flower shop and a close to being a too cute walk-in trailer where the coffee is served. But we'll see. Something different. I haven't had oysters in a while.

Another clear day, the sun bright, the temperature climbing, but still quite comfortable, at least here inside. We need to go by both construction sites to take pictures, so we'll at least have an excuse to get out and about. The day starts well, as it often starts well (no complaints there), but let's see what the next paragraph has to say.

Later. Four calls this morning from a local, but unknown number, and so I checked the “said it was empty” voice mail button on the phone and it reacted by asking me to set up voice mail. Once done it showed something like a dozen entries, those last four from my barber saying she was feeling better and could I come in for a haircut this morning at eleven?

OK, check the rest of the voice mails, send out an apology to the insurance representative who handled my camera insurance claim and then catch a bus downtown to the ATM on Broadway on the way to the appointment, figuring I'd take the Latham Square pictures after I was done. Which is what I did, carrying the camera in the backpack to keep it out of sight while walking.

And so the morning has gone. A bus home after photographing Latham Square to get off at the apartment house construction site stop and take the usual set of pictures there, the day now overly warm in a light jacket and long sleeve shirt. I should have known better as I was setting out, but only had to pay the price on that last leg of the trip. So good. Early afternoon. Now to process those damned photographs.

Now, now. Processing photographs for you is sweetness and light.

Sometimes Mondays forget, after a long weekend, and Tuesdays have to pick up the slack.

Later still. So much for avoiding processing pictures. For some reason I decided to start the laundry and go through the photographs while it was underway. Felt fine, enjoyed the processing, didn't blink, didn't dawdle, both of which (the laundry and pictures) have finished now at five. My, my.

Evening. An unusually upbeat day. Have no idea why today rather than yesterday or any other day, but the mind has been sharp, whatever activities interesting and this has carried through to the very end. My, my.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand recently near the theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.