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October 4, 2015

Some Sleep

Sunday. To bed again early, lights out early, awake at six-thirty after another decent night's sleep on another clear skied morning that's going to be warmer than I'll undoubtedly like. Unless there's a breeze. Must send a note to the Lady In Charge about this temperature business, how it's not quite to my liking and needs adjustment.

You may find the direction of your mindless babbling will change when that first lightening bolt strikes. One does not want to piss off that particular Lady if the sayings of the sages are correct. A bit of information you seem to have missed somewhere along the line.

Ah, well. Not for the first time.

Sunday, a nice day, the head reasonably clear, a Lady be Good day ahead (please).

Later. A walk to the 7-11 look-alike to get an ice cream bar and then on the way back realizing I really didn't want to return to the apartment and so on to cross Grand and see if the lady I'd bought the Snicker Doodle ice cream sandwich from last week was selling them again at the Sunday eats area behind the library. Expensive ice cream sandwich, but for being whatever it was (organic, artisanal, home made, curdled in mother's milk), it really tasted good. The barbecue trucks were there, but she wasn't. This after eating an ice cream bar.

A single picture passing the construction site, carrying the D2Xs this time with the equivalent of a 24-70mm f 2.8 lens, thinking the D2x with the 180mm (270mm equivalent) had turned out well yesterday, lets see how it's later model brother might fare. A bit funky looking, the picture, the light greys, but then so was the building a bit funky covered in the same light grey netting. So we'll continue carrying the older cameras when we're out and about with no destination in mind.

Still paranoid about theft?

Evidently not when carrying these. I look over the shoulder more often, but the word “paranoia” no longer quite applies.

Later still. Another now current section for Latham Square, although in reviewing the pictures I'm not sure I've added anything that doesn't muddle them up. But I'm not willing to go back and edit, can't go back and re shoot and so we'll just say they're posted and leave it at that.

My, my.

Otherwise an afternoon in a good mood watching this and that on the tablet, surfing for whatever I might find on television, and that's about it. Feel good without accomplishing or wishing to accomplish anything that interests.

Evening. More tablet, a short session on the guitar (and I do mean short, just a run through of the various scales and one of the last lessons) and then to bed. Just like last night. Still, as said, feel pretty good and so we'll say a good Sunday, this day, and go get some sleep.

The photo up top was taken Friday at the Republic of China National Holiday celebration at Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.