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Here In Oakland

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October 26, 2014

For The Best

Sunday. To bed after what was a really good baseball game last night to watch a Masterpiece Theater production I realized I'd seen before on the tablet. Couldn't remember how it ended, how it was resolved, although I remembered the individual scenes and situations as they were played. This took until after eleven, so to sleep late, awakening finally at six-thirty feeling pretty good. Up and out of bed, anyway, without a problem.

Breakfast at the usual place, Crab-Cake Benedict this time, a fairly large breakfast with the country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee. Home by nine, the computer still not recognizing the dead hard drive, but I'd ordered another external USB port hub yesterday that will arrive tomorrow to replace the hub that's gone bad and I'll await on it to start. Need to take the box apart and see what's up with the internal drive, but that can wait. At least I have copies of every file. I've learned to be careful by suffering the usual mishaps.

Sun out there. A brief lie down for an hour attempt at a nap after posting yesterdays wandering entry, up to think about photographs, what to do to get me out of the apartment.

Later. Out the door and maybe something to eat was the thought, so over by the lake and then on to Lakeshore to walk on to Noah's Bagels which I found to be crowded, waiting in line for some time before deciding life was too short and headed back home. A bit antsy, a bit cranky, but not over the top antsy and cranky but with some of the slight disorienting feeling from yesterday. Nothing to worry about (other than to make you a little cranky while standing in line at a bagel shop).

Back considering something from KFC, but walked right on by; considered the coffee shop by the fitness center, but it wasn't open; thought to catch the approaching bus downtown, but didn't break stride as I reached the stop.

OK, not a bad outing. Some wrestling with the still not quite behaving computer - we'll put off any heavy lifting until that USB hub arrives tomorrow - the day outside quite sunny, but with a nice cooling breeze and so now I think an attempt at a nap before we think to go out again (to get something to eat).

Later still. A nap with periods that (in retrospect) seemed like sleep, up again with pasta and red clam sauce on the stove. So much for going out again for something to eat. Predictable and probably for the best.

The photo up top was taken Wednesday at the Oakland National Day to Stop Police Brutality demonstration with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.