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Here In Oakland

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October 25, 2014

Had Enough

Saturday. A decent night's sleep. I guess. Must have been if I can't remember (being asleep and all). Anyway, up with the alarm to head off to breakfast on a rainy morning. Not sure if it will last throughout the day, although the sun is breaking through the rain clouds at the moment now that it's nine-thirty. Could be more rain clouds on the way. Hope not with the World Series playing later across the bay.

The computer is having problems. A controller error has taken one of the internal hard drives off line and may be screwing up programs that do system storage searches when starting up. I'm whinging there, could be anything, but I have what I suspect is a problem.

Slow shutdowns, very slow start ups. Logging into the Dell diagnostic services site bombs with an error associated with SQL server login failures. Not sure if I have problems or many problems working together. Techie fun not. Not any longer.

Later. Another slow start. Still sun outside, but broken up by showers, looks to stay that way through the rest of the day. People beating drums over by the lake, the intermittent rain doesn't seem to faze them.

A walk outside thinking I'd get an ice cream bar to find workers over at the construction site. Not many, probably checking on the work that's been done to date, how ready they are to pouring more cement. I have no idea, but they were there checking things in this sun and rain. And so more pictures.

Got the ice cream bar and a roll of Necco wafers. Just the things for a Saturday lunch. Well, very few would admit to such, but someone might. So that's what we've done. I was thinking of substituting spicy peanuts for the wafers, but decided against it. Peanuts, after all, do not Necco wafers make.

You're drifting.

Feeling not so bad but, yes, drifting. More so as time goes along. For now we'll think nap and maybe tuning into the game. I assume there will be a game.

Later still. A walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore it turns out feeling, well, not so great. The sinus-upper palate along with a certain odd off balance feeling, both skirting along the edge of a sit/lie down before you fall down abyss. Which isn't all that great out on a sidewalk in the middle of strangers with some distance to go before you can turn around and return home. Yes, we've had this before, nothing new here, but something we've experienced too many times now in the past.

So we've made notes and will go over them in detail at the doctor's appointment next week. See if we can't come up with something to measure or new to try. Get an appointment with the recommended neurologist in this area, now that my neurologist in Menlo Park is no longer in practice. (Hope he's feeling better as he was out on a six month medical leave last I heard.) In other words, not just give up. Try something else. Not sit on our ass.

Or lie down on our butt?

More comfortable and politically correct.

The game starts at five. I'll at least watch a couple of innings. I hate to say how much interest I have in the outcome - go Giants and all that - but times change and interests change. Nothing else on television I want to watch and writing here is hopeless. Mostly.

Evening. Interesting game. Kansas City looks pretty good. I still go back and forth with some of the news stations during the commercials, no need to watch the commercials. No need to check the news either, although that's the option I go to when everything else is dry. You get away from any commercial television for a while and they're really jarring when you come up against them again. Found that to be true more than once in this life.

And now the Giants have taken off. Been a while since I've watched baseball, I've not been a teetotaler all my life, so it's nice to remember what it's like to see two really good teams go at it like this.

The head cleared up not long after returning home from the walk as it most often will. Better when they happen inside. These episodes don't last that long, but they stay in and on your mind. Still, with all this, I did get time in on the guitar (gotta think more about what I'm going to do to not let that drop) and began another section of construction photographs, productive end of afternoon stuff. To bed after the game, though. For a day we've had enough.

The photo up top was taken Wednesday at the Oakland National Day to Stop Police Brutality demonstration with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.