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October 19, 2012

Sleep In Place
Friday. To bed last night well before nine, to sleep whenever, but early I'd say, as early as any in the past. So good. Up with the alarm feeling fairly coherent, off to breakfast and back by eight, the neighbors having added to the pile of bent furniture and such piled in front of the apartment entrance. They're due to pick it up by ten. Page turned, chapter finished, the electronics out the door tomorrow morning. What more could a young man ask?

The guitar lesson at ten-thirty. We'll say no more about that.

Later. So the truck arrived and picked up the various chairs and such deposited by one or two of the tenants and moi, heading off into the ozone with the crap stuff. And that was it.

Off to the guitar lesson to wait for the lesson to start, taking the odd picture or two because I'm not sure I can sit with a camera in my lap and not take a picture unless I'm in the middle of a meal.

The lesson went as last week's lesson went, as the last three lessons have gone, going over Something and the assigned blues riff. Not sure why it's taken me this long. I think my mind closes when I arrive or the early morning is not the time my mind and body are ready for coordinated effort. Either that or I'm not practicing enough. Practicing smart enough. But such is life, I again have another week to get it right.

It's been overcast, with just the slightest bit of mist as I was driving back, enough to put the wipers on intermittent, but just. I still think a walk is in order if only because this even light makes for very good photographs.

Later still. A bus downtown to have a bagel with cream cheese and coffee out at a table in the City Center under a still low overcast sky. My, my. A meandering walk then back to Grand, stopping at the pharmacy - they think the required medication arrived this morning, but they hadn't opened the boxes yet - and then waiting, sitting on a bench at a stop to catch a bus the rest of the way home. We are tired for unknown reasons and I think we're going to take a nap right now.

Late-afternoon. A sort of a nap for about an hour, feel better for it even if I didn't actually get to sleep. Up to move fizzled stereo components, a computer, an obsolete CRT monitor and a damaged lamp down to the car for delivery to Safeway tomorrow at their free dump your e-waste site. My, my. Lots of stuff. Out the door. I almost wish there were more.

One note, though. By rearranging the now remaining furniture I've set up a chair by a music stand that makes it easier to practice. I suspect you can't count your playing lying back in a recliner while watching television as proper practice, the position of the hand and fingers on the frets is weird and whatever motions you're then engraving into your brain are probably, well, crooked. Not right. I was going to say useless, thinking useless is a step up from damaging, but maybe that's a protective ego response.

You think this will make you a better guitar player?

Nah, but it sounds good and the practicing is more convenient. There is indeed more room around here now even if yesterday I said I couldn't see it.

It's overcast and somewhat humid at five. I've been keeping the balcony door open to keep the temperature down. Odd to be complaining about the heat with this overcast. I've lived in other climates. It's been a while, but I do occasionally remember what real weather is like. Down there in the rest of the nation, below the rainbow.

A decent start on the guitar. We'll see how it goes. I'm usually pretty good for the first few days right after a lesson and then I have to give myself encouragement by the end of the week. A feeling of dread as the lesson approaches? I can't see why, my instructor is nothing but encouraging, but we'll see. We're on the up side of a week now and the guitar seems in agreement.

Evening. Watched the Giants game, I'd seen the six o'clock Italian police procedural before and found I couldn't stomach watching it twice. You'd think there wouldn't be a choice - the playoffs, after all - but things have gotten weirder in my old age. To bed early. Period. We gotta get this sleep in place.

The photo up top was taken at the Sunday Streets Berkeley with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.