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October 18, 2012

We're Making Progress
Thursday. Up with the alarm seemingly without effort, off to breakfast and back to futz with yesterday's entry and now to lie down briefly to prepare for this morning's guitar lesson. Are we ready? No. But, I suspect, we're more ready than we may know. Practice, at some level, must ultimately pay off, must it not? Even my brand of haphazard practice, done while watching television, done in the middle of a foreign language soap, done while counting my toes.


All ten. They can be crafty, we're keeping watch!

Later. OK, another, if not a stop sign, then a slow it down sign on the road of life. My guitar lesson is tomorrow and not today, tomorrow morning instead of this morning, and I'm happy I didn't make a fool of myself (except here now in the journal) in showing up and, not finding the door to the studio open, knocking too long or too hard. I was thinking, as I was standing there like an idiot, is the new day we've settled on (that's been in place now for a month), Thursday or Friday? I was pretty sure, pretty sure, but I was ultimately not convinced I'd arrived at the right time on the wrong day and would have been willing to bet (but not the rent) I was right.

Which means you have another whole day to prepare and practice!

One of the things I was thinking. This is indeed a week where I could use that extra day to go through the song with the music, to tie together the individual segments I've been practicing. It's been delivered in a rather roundabout way, I'd say, but none the less delivered. So we'll pick up on that brief nap I was so rudely awakened from before I set out for the lesson and then slide into the day again, up and ready for the fight. I've been thinking it was today for at least the last week. Eek.

Later still. A walk to the ATM over on Lakeshore, a walk then around (avoiding walking up over the hill on Mandana) to the morning café for a half egg salad sandwich, ice cream and lemonade, a walk then back to the apartment, the temperature (checking the Chronicle web site) eighty-seven degrees. Warm enough, doesn't need to get any warmer (please).

We'll take it easy the rest of the afternoon and practice. The guitar. That is still sitting in its case in the corner at two in the afternoon. But first, I think, we'll take another nap.

Evening. Something called Fat Friends is playing at six in place of an Italian police procedural, so no problem deciding to watch the Giants game instead. I moved the broken furniture downstairs and piled it outside at the entrance to the building for pickup tomorrow morning. I'd like to say there's now noticeably more room in the apartment, but I'd be wrong. I wouldn't say “lying”, there is more room, but for the five chairs, two of them recliners, and whatever else I piled on top, there's still quite a bit left.

Saturday I take the electronics to Safeway for their free “we'll take anything with an electrical cord or a motor” weekend event, so we will have completed a major item that's been on our list since the beginnings of time. If this doesn't cheer me up, nothing will cheer me up. Not that I need cheering up.

How's the guitar?

We're making progress.

The photo up top was taken at the Sunday Streets Berkeley with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.