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October 15, 2012

Hang It Up
Monday. To bed last night after nine, to sleep just after ten, up, after turning off the alarm, at seven, so probably a good night's sleep. Anyway, a walk under a low lying fog then to breakfast to avoid feeding a parking meter, the day ahead to be sunny (they're saying) and up into the seventies. A quick run through yesterday's entry before posting and now some more work on yesterday's festival photographs. No complaints.

My idea of a good day.

The foggy morning (and it being a Monday) cut down on the number of people walking the lake, to be expected, although there was still one or two out there doing it double pace. Just the right weather for double pace.

Later. We have a little work to do on our street photography. Handling bright contrasty days, for one. I've made mistakes in how I'm exposing them and that's not good, one of the first things you learn when taking pictures. Well, when you're thinking of seriously taking pictures. But we'll persevere.

Your Berkeley pictures Sunday?

Indeed. Two sections in total, but just barely. I had to go back and scrounge to find one or two more that I could live with to complete them. There are quite a few pictures in these two sections, many that display as a single picture on what I call a section of twenty-one, but that also have additional pictures generally of the same person or group taken in sequence that can only be viewed by clicking the navigation arrow and don't display on the main section page above, so the total number is some twenty photographs more than the minimum of forty-two normally required.

Many of them work, more of them probably don't. I don't want to cut the sections to one. Or none. This seems to be the norm, of course, my fretting over the pictures once I've had a chance to go over them.

Anyway, an afternoon putting them together, broken by a walk to the morning café for a half egg salad sandwich, ice cream and lemonade. A bus was stopping as I was leaving, so a bus back home to finish the pictures. Life in the fast lane, fast in the sense time and the day if not the miles go whizzing by. More than enough picture flipping, though, we'll need to recharge the batteries this week. (hup!)

Evening. Nothing watchable at six, so I discovered the Giants game and played along on the guitar while watching them win the damned thing. My, my. I haven't followed baseball in forever, but you can always watch a game, particularly a good game. It is, after all, the national pastime.

Other than that, to bed early, we'll see if we can string two pretty good days together to start the week. Well, let's see, “good days”, I did have a bit of double vision while walking to lunch, although I suspect some might argue this particular episode doesn't count.

You're obviously hallucinating, time to hang it up.

The photo up top was taken at the Sunday Streets Berkeley yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.