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October 14, 2012

The Hopper Tomorrow
Sunday. We live, we learn, we make little notes to ourself and post them here: yes, the ocular migraines seem to have faded into the distance, but that glass of (very) red wine last night at the Autumn Lights Festival was able to kick one off. Not a full bore hold onto your head ocular event, but ocular enough to go right to bed and sleep through til six. Just that one glass of wine, we left the Jack Daniels in its minuscule little bottle to age another day (or two), but one glass of red wine was trouble enough.

Anyway, up this morning at six feeling pretty good. It's definitely overcast and dark out there, a fine rain mist in the air, not enough to require the wipers on intermittent, but enough to jog the lever now and again to kick them off. A decent breakfast over the papers, back now to stare blankly at yesterday's entry (why so long, why so meandering, why does it need so much more editing?) and maybe finish working on the pictures I took last night.

Next time (another note to self) bring a tripod, see how some longer exposures may turn out. There was room to park, no need to walk, and the tripod is light enough to carry about. So hup. Next year. If there is a festival next year. If there is a next year. We have to be careful when we're talking a year ahead.

Later. Well, it's my web site I guess, and if I want to put the pictures up then I get to put the pictures up. Let's say they're uneven, but fun enough to shoot and view. So the Autumn Lights in the Garden are up on HereInOakland and artandlife.

I note there's a street festival today in Berkeley, easily reached by either bus or BART, so we'll head over there this afternoon (if it isn't raining).

Later still. OK, a bus and then BART to the Berkeley University station, exiting to find Sunday Streets Berkeley in full swing, so off to shoot pictures for two hours, walking the full length of the blocked off streets along Shattuck from bottom to top and then back to the bottom. Tiring, let me tell you.

Still, feel pretty good now, having picked up a chicken sandwich on the way home. The head is clear for a change, maybe we'll do something about that later with the small bottle of Mr. Daniels in the kitchen. Then again, kind of nice, this clear headed business, maybe we won't.

I took a fair number of pictures, although I suspect only a small percentage will turn out. Still, enough to create at least one section, possibly two. One, if the pictures are decent, is more than enough. I've got to get some guitar in today and I'm tired after processing the Autumn Lights photographs last night, so we'll look to finish the Berkeley photographs at some point tomorrow.

Evening. There was one of the horrible Italian police procedurals on at six, but one I'm able to watch, so I played along with it on the guitar, getting in a good hour and a half on the riff I've been having trouble with. More guitar watching Bill Moyers. I do like Bill Moyers, but it makes me wonder about the state of the State and, with this evening's program, all that much more with the climate. Such is the current state of the State.

OK, I had one shot of Jack Daniels, now to bed. We have our rule about keeping it to two, we'll see how we're doing in the morning. Today has been a really good day, the sun finally arriving as I set out for Berkeley, the head clear, many photographs in the hopper. We'll deal with the hopper tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Autumn Lights in the Garden Festival last night with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.