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October 9, 2012

Else That's Lacking
Tuesday. Another after midnight to bed last night, but up this morning easily enough, feeling pretty good and heading off to breakfast. Nice to be back. The day looks reasonably clear, a decent day ahead, so on to getting the pictures from the trip in order (there is yet much to do) and get on with it. “It” being the rest of my existence. Hup!

So far only one upset email from one of my wedding subjects. I'm expecting others. Delicate, this being a photographer, even a light weight amateur photographer not given to too much exertion. (hup!)

Later. Still not tired, a little double vision walking over to the morning café for a BLT, ice cream and coffee. Still, nothing over the top, transitory, the head clear and upbeat, albeit with an aching sinus-upper palate. Maybe a bit too sensitive in watching to see if these things crop up after a successful trip, we'll just blame any suspected eruptions and maladies on the coffee. Still, a good day, the sun shining, maybe look at my poor neglected guitar earlier than I usually d0, see if we can't catch up some after the weekend. (Hiccup!)

Later still. Re-introducing myself to these chairs (actually one chair, can't quite simultaneously sit in the two) I was again pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. Or how uncomfortable the old chairs had become. Hopefully you get these reminders less often as you get older, reminders such as broken furniture is often uncomfortable to sit in, of what an idiot you've been. Probably why I once acquired this domain name, the same set of thoughts having surfaced back when. I don't acquire them for profit (obviously), I acquire them because they have or had (for me) a beat and I (for that one moment, at least) could dance to them.

That doesn't make any sense.

I'm in the middle of copying files from the laptop to the big computer and the thinking is getting thin. At least I've come up with a way I won't have to do this again - copy the files between the two after an outing - I really didn't have to do it this time if I'd been thinking. A problem, that, thinking. Keeps coming up doesn't it? Thinking? Drinking? Blinking?

Evening. A Maigret I've seen before. I suspect I've seen all of them by now, but it plodded along and I plodded along with it as there was much I'd forgotten. OK, fine, playing along about half the time with it on the guitar.

For the little sleep I seem to have gotten last night I feel wide awake, no thoughts of a nap, the head relatively coherent, although I suspect in reading this tomorrow it will a great deal less sense than it seems to now. We'll cross our fingers and get to bed early, see if getting up again at five forty-five works out. It will if I get to bed before nine (he said). Confidently, not a doubt in his head. Well, a clear brain has doubts, it's one of the elements you look for in determining clarity, but you get what I mean. I get what I mean. Maybe too often.

You've obviously run out of gas.

Actually, there's plenty of gas, it's everything else that's lacking.

The photo up top was taken at the Castle Green wedding in Old Town Pasadena with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.