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October 28, 2011

Worries Me As Well

Friday. Another nice morning. Charlie Rose wasn't all that compelling last night so I got to bed before nine, read a bit, got to sleep somewhat after ten, up this morning with the alarm feeling pretty good. Off to see the Occupy people later, they seem to be coming back to the plaza in front of City Hall, their tents multiplying like, well, rabbits. Much press coverage with the young ex-Marine being hit in the head by a police projectile, I suspect there'll be more than a few reporters present. Being retired I'm able to participate in a very small slice of the excitement so I'll catch it while I can.

I did notice gas prices were back up two cents after but one day. Won't even attempt to ask why as it's, well, a tired and not that interesting a subject. It might eventually teach me to take better pictures, though. Change perspective, change settings (kicking up the exposure seems to help with the light sky background behind that sign). I've experimented with the settings, but haven't done anything trying to make the picture a little different and more interesting taking the same picture day after day. That's the step: when you realize there's a step to take.

So, back from breakfast, again, the sun coming up bright (daylight savings is due to change soon, is it not?), what one hopes is an interesting day in pictures ahead. Or not in pictures, what am I saying? Interesting is interesting, f-stops or not.

This, by the way, is the first journal entry of my fourteenth year in keeping an online journal. I'd done some noodling before that, but this is the date in 1998 I kicked it off with apersonalsite. Not much to say other than, well, I had no idea it would go on for this long. I suspect there will be changes ahead if the mind remains reasonably clear, not something I realize is necessarily in the cards, but it will be interesting to see (and do), even if it's a ride downhill from here on. (hup, hup) Not to fret, thirteen years under the belt, a fourteenth year aborning. It dribbles on and on and on (into the fog).

Later. Not bad. A bus downtown and a walk around the plaza area shooting pictures. There were many more tents now with new people (and new tents) continuing to arrive. A laid back morning, a set of pictures that allowed me to close out yesterday's unfinished section and add another complete section photographed today. Took about three hours in Photoshop and Dreamweaver to complete and, although it seemed to be dragging at times, it went right along as it always goes right along. A good sign you're doing something you like.

I think guitar and a Korean soap to fill out the day. Whatever sleep I got last night seems to have been quite enough, I've felt just fine without any slow periods. I got a decent amount of time in on the guitar yesterday. Still play like a chump, but a chump who knows a few chords now and one or two tunes. And it's only taken a year. Not sure what's happened to the writing over thirteen years, but I think the photography is better. Not a lot better, but better. It feels better, anyway. Which is good. Right?

Evening. Ah, yes. The World Series. Have I gone so far over the edge I don't even watch a World Series? I tuned in at the end of the fourth game, missed the sixth game last night, which I hear was one of the great games ever, and it only came to me that it was playing this evening and managed to tune it at the fourth inning. Not that I'll let it interfere with my Korean soap, of course.

That's sick.

Worries me as well.

The photograph was taken Thursday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street turned out on the streets with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.