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October 27, 2011

Until It Doesn't

Thursday. I watched my Korean soap last night and realized when the ocular migraine had come on the night before: sometime before the end of the soap because I didn't recognize the situation when it picked up with the story. So, we went down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, night before last before the program had finished. That means I was to bed around eight so I really did get a long night's sleep so some good did come of it. Hup.

To bed last night just after nine, up this morning with the alarm at five forty-five. Well, actually a little earlier, as we had a brief earthquake that woke me up, a single short 3.6 jolt that got my attention. I assume I was already coming up for air, not quite asleep, not quite awake, when it happened or I'd have slept on through. It's the fourth we've had this week. Makes you wonder if it's trying to tell you something.

So, anyway, a bright sunny morning, an obviously nice day ahead. Evidently they reoccupied the plaza in front of City Hall last night, some three thousand Occupy Wall Street people, and tore down the cyclone fence that had been put up around the lawn. The police allowed them to enter, not really a police presence at all says the morning news, and the crowd, after holding a rally, dispersed by ten. No tents were put up. Well one, but I suspect it was taken down, folded and toddled along with the crowd. Interesting stuff.

We'll go over and photograph the area, of course, but around noon, see if there are any people about. It's early yet, we have things to do before we set out. I noted the gas prices as I was leaving after breakfast and asked myself if they'd changed? I knew I should have crossed the street and taken a picture, as it turned out a gallon was indeed lower by two cents, so I'll go back later this morning and take care of it. I could use an earlier picture showing the lower price, but we have our little rules here and they say take the picture when they happen. We break the rules when we feel the need, of course. We're not so stiff backed when our own comfort is at stake. If it were, say, raining. We are reasonable people, all twenty-three of our multiple personalities are into comfort. And sake.

Boy, howdy. Important tasks for just one day I'd say.

Indeed. And I didn't even mention the laundry that's in the wash.

Later. It's around noon and time to head downtown, see what Occupy people may be about. The laundry is done - good - the walk down the way to photograph the gasoline sign is done - good - and I've gotten in time on the guitar. Also good. A full day's excitement before noon. And I say that only half in jest.

You seem pretty comfortable with it, though.

I am, oddly enough, all the bitching about this and that aside. We are alive, we are walking, we are taking pictures, we are watching our Korean soaps, although watching a Korean soap is an anomaly, a sign, perhaps, of declining mental agility or, maybe, a sign I'm loosening up, not thinking so much about image and what others might think. Some freedom in that, I suspect, not that I'm all the way there yet.

Later still. The bus downtown to find I was wrong about that one tent having been packed up and trucked out last night. It now has a sister. And maybe an aunt. I'm not sure how that will go, but I have a hunch there will either be more tent relatives tomorrow or none. But then that's a political call by the local establishment.

Some pictures, not many, not enough for another section on artandlife, but I'll start one with some of them and finish it out with whatever I get tomorrow. No reason not to, they're marked with the date and, in any case, I'm the only one who'd notice let alone mention it.

Lunch at Genji, the chicken teriyaki this time, then the bus back home followed by the mandatory session in Photoshop. The fellow carrying Ronald McDonald asked me to email him a jpeg, which I did. Easy to do. I generally suggest if anyone wants a print they reply with a mailing address. Keeps the printers in shape. My DVD printer is totally hosed at the moment through lack of activity and I'll have to do some print head cleaning soon. Tomorrow. Next month.

Evening. A good day, I have to say. The head reasonably clear, the aching sinus-upper palate thing a little dicey, but not setting any records. The laundry was done without mishap, pictures were taken of no special note, but pictures were taken none the less. My Korean soap later, I think, maybe check out Charlie Rose (he's been pretty good these last two days) and then to bed. Getting to sleep at around nine seems to work. Until it doesn't.

The photograph was taken Thursday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street turned out on the streets with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.