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October 19, 2011

Day In October

Wednesday. I was indeed a very good day yesterday, plenty of energy, not really at all tired when I got home and buzzed along into the evening. So figure that, Jack. Anyway, to bed at a decent hour, up with the alarm this morning to get off and back from breakfast before eight, my guitar lesson coming up in another hour.

Not a lot of dread for some reason. I've practiced, but no more than I have in the past when I've felt, well, a certain nonspecific unease - I'm pretty sure we're talking about something left over from our misspent learning to play the clarinet youth - yet I'm looking forward to the lesson today, no thought as to how it may go. It will be OK, no matter how it goes. We're cookin’. Indeed.

I made more progress on the pictures last night, but still have many hours remaining before they're finished. If I have half the up day today I had yesterday I'm not worried in the least. Another bout of shooting this afternoon, I would think, don't see how I'll talk myself out of it, we're committed, we're hooked. But that's the way it goes around here, does it not? This, that, the other thing: moan, groan; hup! hup! Not sure it will make much of an epitaph, but I'm almost old enough not to worry about that.

Later. OK, not great, but a good session. Progress on the chord progressions. They still sound terrible under my fingers, but they're getting better. More importantly I seem to have gotten rid of any feelings of “not having done my lessons” for the first time in a while. I'm sure it's a left over from my pre-high school youth (interesting in and of itself), but nice to get a step beyond and able to see where it was coming from. Progress.

This lesson, by the way, marks the end of my first year of guitar lessons. A year that has gone quickly, a sentiment we've all driven (well, I've driven) into the ground. Where did the time go? Duluth, I believe, if I've been keeping up with its schedule.

A run by the supermarket on the way back to pick up some needed groceries and two of the small serving bottles of sake. We shall celebrate later, we shall, this first year of bending the strings. I figure it will be cheaper than, say, buying another guitar. Bad enough I make these noises on the one (very decent Fender) I already have.

Later still. A short nap, another one of those “almost, but not quite asleep” naps, but refreshing for all that. A walk to the bus stop to discover the bus wasn't coming, so a quick walk down two stops to catch another bus, arriving just as it was scheduled to arrive, but then it was ten minutes late. Happens now and then, the number 12 bus not coming. You never know why.

Still, a late afternoon run around the Occupy Wall Street encampment feeling pretty good, a decent group of pictures that I'll add to the others this evening. They'll go up either later tonight or tomorrow. I know you can't wait, but I'm doing the best that I can.

Otherwise, again, feeling pretty good as we head into the evening. A bit of sake, more work in Photoshop, a bit of guitar and then (the excitement keeps building) to bed. Yes, to bed. After another warm sunny day in October, here in Oakland. Hup.

The photograph was taken Wednesday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street encampment with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.