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October 18, 2011

I Would Think

Tuesday. Got to bed at a decent time last night after reading an article in the latest Harper's by an English writer who was describing what's happened in and to Great Britain since the Thatcher period. Sounds depressing as hell. You hope it's more sour grapes than an accurate analysis, but it sounds too close to what's been happening here. Only worse. Now I lay me down to sleep. Not the way to lay me down to sleep.

Still, up at six-thirty, to breakfast and back by nine, the day overcast, yesterday's pictures taken at the Wall Street encampment sitting on a hard drive needing attention. We're still a day behind. Today's shooting (yes, I'm pretty sure I'm crazy enough to go down there again) will also undoubtedly be sitting untouched on a hard drive (on two separate hard drives) tomorrow as well, waiting on me to catch up. I suspect this “encampment” will go on until either the rains or City Hall force them to fold their tents.

Later. A short walk to drop three Netflix movies into the mail. I've had all of them now for weeks, getting no more than halfway through any one of them. I'm not good at watching movies more than once. Some of the old classic samurai films, OK, I own copies, but I don't even dig those out anymore. Occasionally a concert film I like a lot to play a particular song. Such is my life with movies anymore.

Anyway, a very short walk to drop them off in a mail box, no birds or clever scenes to photograph, back to lie down and take a nap. A semi-conscious “my but wouldn't it be nice to fall asleep and get it over with” nap, but feeling pretty good now that I'm up and it's almost noon. Photographs later, no doubt, but now to sit down and practice on the guitar. We have our lesson tomorrow. Don't want to forget that.

Later still. A good afternoon. Not a bad morning, but still a morning as these mornings seem to go anymore, a bit show, the head a bit slow, but a clear headed three hours shooting the Occupy encampment under a bright sun with a break for lunch (another cold Chinese chicken salad at the Rotunda building) and then another break when I'd finished for a mocha coffee, again at a table in the Rotunda building. Not bad. Not bad at all. No pictures of note, but you can't always have it all.

Evening. The energy of the afternoon seems to have flowed into the evening as I went through the photographs taken today in Photoshop. I haven't done yesterday's photos, but there's still a couple of hours left before I head to bed. I still have to create the pages and such to put them up on artandlife, but getting the photographs themselves ready is a good part of the project. So good. Two sections today.

I said I thought they hadn't been all that good, but we're talking about describing this thing through photographs which is different than looking for individual candids of the kind I do at parades and festivals. Something I've been thinking about. Giving a feel for this thing is different than trolling for individual images that don't really relate to where they were taken. More like the demonstrations and rallys I've put up at hereinoakland, probably where these belong.

As good a way to rationalize putting them up as any, I would think.

I would think.

The photograph was taken Sunday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street encampment with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.