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October 16, 2011

Beep, Beep

Sunday. To bed last night relatively late after ten. I took a shot at watching the historical Korean soap at ten but wrote it off as too dumb, even for me. They warn it's not for kids under the age of fifteen. I'm sure it's the cultural difference between the countries, but I'm not sure U.S. kids over fifteen would find it other than dumb. Usually, when you have warnings on a program here, it's about sex and violence. There's no sex and the violence could conceivably cause certain scenes to be rated PG, but barely, barely.

Why do you go on about this?

Because I'm not sure it isn't a sign of impending personal mental doom. Or, at least, an introduction to the slippery slope of senility. Sorta. I guess. Maybe.

Anyway, up at seven-thirty somewhat balancing the late evening last night, to breakfast at the usual place and back, home now well after nine. The gas prices have jumped another two cents, took a picture, otherwise the day starts with an overcast sky and I have many more photographs to finish up that were taken at yesterday's demonstration. So good. We march forward. Hup, hup. Before we flake and take a break.

Later. A long session with the photographs after a sort of a nap. A lie down on the bed and listen to the radio with the eyes closed and the brain fuzzing over, but still picking up maybe half of what was being said. Turning the radio off doesn't help, still lying there with a half aware mind, but refreshing none the less.

Yesterday I thought the photographs weren't all that great, but it going through them yesterday and then this morning I see I may well have three sections, some sixty plus photographs. Later today, much later today after I've probably made another trip to look over the encampment, I'll post them to this link and we'll both know how it turned out. My, my. Still, it pumps up the energy a bit to see progress or, if not progress, no retrogression in the eye. How to go back to photograph the same area with a fresh head? We'll know soon enough.

Later still. So I went downtown and shot more photographs. Not a whole lot, left the camera with the long lens in the backpack behind, home after perhaps a total of a couple of hours.

A couple of hours?

OK, but still not nearly the effort involved in yesterday's outing. Still, back at the apartment I finished Photoshopping yesterday's images, there are a lot of them, and that went well into the afternoon with some time in between on the guitar. I have much to make up for since I didn't practice yesterday. With all this in mind I went smack into a wall and crashed for a full two hours. None of this fuzzy headed nonsense, I got down and slept. So went the rest of the afternoon and any chance of finishing yesterday's pictures today, but I do at least feel better. These naps do have their uses. We'll do the hup, hups tomorrow.

So: take the rest of the evening easy, work on the guitar, plan to finish yesterday's photographs tomorrow. Today's photographs can sit in the computer until I get around to them. I haven't touched them in Photoshop, but it looks like there's a two full sections if only because most of them seem to have turned out as I was hoping.

I'm pretty good at not shooting unless I see something I like and miss the shot less often than I did in the past. Either that or I'm kidding myself. Too comfortable to kid yourself, gotta watch out for that. Anyway we'll let them rest and make up any excuses that may be needed Monday after what I hope will be a long night's sleep. Beep, beep.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street encampment on Friday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.