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October 15, 2011

State Of My Head

Saturday. I kept going last night and finished up the Occupy Wall Street photographs and posted them to artandlife last night, getting to bed after eleven. For what amounts to a fairly short night of sleep (getting up with the alarm and heading out to breakfast and back at the usual ungodly hour) I feel pretty good here on this Saturday morning at eight. Another long day ahead, I'm afraid, but “I'm afraid” in this sense means I'm indeed up for it. Well, looking forward to the day, not bad for an old fart.

I get the feeling whatever it has been I've been ambling toward with this photography of mine may be coalescing into an objective of some kind. The first steps in redesigning artandlife (I'm getting there Rien, I'll get back to you) and maybe redoing hereinoakland too have started with some clearer thoughts on where I might like the photographs to go, something that's been bubbling along lately, something that's not quite come together as it's doing now before.

I occurs to me much that I've put on hold could begin go forward if a goal should come into sight, “much” covering a bunch of territory. If I had a goal in mind I could, for instance, move into another place that supported achieving that goal, no way to decide whether to move or not without an idea of where I was going and why moving to a particular place would aid the journey. There are many other things that can fall of of that, that then too come into focus. But I go on. Might just be the morning, walks lead one to think all kinds of thoughts, all this babbling can be cured by a nap.

Later. A walk over to the new bank's ATM, the only one in my area (testing my decision to move to a smaller bank that doesn't charge monthly fees for a checking account) carrying the long lens camera in case I found pelicans and such along the lake. OK. Found three Snowy Egrets and a Great Egret fishing near the shore, a couple of pelicans too far off to photograph on the other side. Worth a picture or two.

Three female and one male Black-Crested Night Herons were searching out breakfast where I've found the same group before, so I tip toed off the path and took a pictures of them as well. So far, so good.

On through the farmer's market, going strong at nine in the morning, to the bank ATM out on Lakeshore walking right along, no sign of having gotten less sleep than I'd have liked last night. Hup! Hup! We're a god damned advertising poster (with a camera attached). Back by the white columns (another picture, of course), another bird along the lake (we are, if nothing else, persistent) and back to the apartment where I thought - hey, why not? - and took a nap. Which is good, otherwise I'd have undoubtedly crapped out later.

Later still. Approaching five, tired, back now from the Occupy Wall Street encampment. I think I've gotten enough pictures of the Occupy Wall Street encampment. had a rally in front of Laney College which then marched to join the Occupy Wall Street people and I hung around long enough to photograph them, but in going through the pictures these last couple of hours or so, they aren't all that good. Enough for another artandlife section, but that's about it. And maybe that's about it for Occupy Wall Street and artandlife, let it simmer for a while, let my batteries recharge, go back later if they're still around and I'm ready.

I'd thought to attend an artist's reception at a gallery over in the Oakland Murmur area, but I should have known better. One event in a day is enough. I think a long bath now and a slow evening. We'll do what we can with the pictures, I've been living in Photoshop now this entire week, but now that's it. Take it easy tomorrow. Drive to wherever my mood takes me if my mood needs to take me somewhere. Read a book. Stay in bed. Given the state of my head.

The photograph was taken on Grand at the corner of McArthur with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.