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October 5, 2011

As Long As We Can

Wednesday. I watched the third and final episode of Ken Burn's Prohibition series last night so I got to bed just before ten, which seems about right. Up this morning after the alarm, to breakfast and back catching the last vestiges of the rain last night, home now with the sun breaking through the scattered clouds. They are saying intermittent rain through the rest of the day as well as tomorrow with the sun returning on Friday. OK. Not something you can argue with, being Mother Nature and all.

Off to the guitar lesson in another hour. I was able to get in quite a bit of practice yesterday. Some parts of the lesson I seem to have down cold, other parts, the parts that have been ongoing week in and week out, those chord changes for example, are showing progress, but they'll take more months before they're in place. Which is the way you learn the guitar it seems, slowly but surely, the repetition driving the neighbors up our shared apartment walls. Rock superstardom is still but six months away. Hey.

Later. Went through the problems I had in remembering some of the chords and changes that were assigned last week with the instructor and smoothed out finally what I'd somehow missed in their explanation and how they were fingered, the problem in no small part to my own confusion, a confusion I lay at the door of age and this upper-palate/sinus basket of symptoms that don't seem to be going away. They change, some, like the double vision, seem to come and then leave, but I don't remember these problems from, say, ten years ago. Another somewhat confusing Wednesday morning, in other words.

A trip to the supermarket on the way home comparing my state of being with other trips to the supermarket on a Wednesday after the lesson in the morning or any other trip in the evening, for that matter, and putting it toward the confused end of the scale rather than the clear end of the scale. Nothing over the top, mind you, but I had to adjust by being more measured and careful in my driving, parking and moving around.

So you continue to be worried?

I'm keeping an eye on it to see if I should change my habits to adjust, not so much worried as, again, making adjustments to my situation. Doesn't seem to get in the way of walking or taking pictures or anything else (well, any form of serious writing or writing at any length here I'm afraid take more than a hit) and that keeps the mood good. I mean you can always order over the internet anymore, stock up, do it less often to keep the cost in line, keep the car in the garage. Or whatever, I'm losing focus on this line of thought at the moment, maybe a nap is in order.

Later still. Out the door to take a bus toward the downtown and try out the new bank debit card for the first time. I'm close to closing out the Wells Fargo account, the only drawback being many fewer ATM's the new bank has in my area. Not so bad, this first visit to their ATM at new branch they've opened on Broadway. They have this one on Broadway and one over on Lakeshore across from Noah's Bagels. Convenient, that. Rang a bell with me somehow, a branch by a bagel shop.

The head a little clearer, but it's also obvious I'm often to some degree befuddled in the late mornings. Not so at breakfast - I seem pretty clear sitting at a table reading the papers - but the late mornings, early afternoons could be better. Hi, ho. Guitar practice this afternoon, I want to go over those chords before I forget what I learned this morning, maybe attend the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in San Francisco at the Embarcadero later this afternoon, although the weather is not holding up.

I got an email from Firedoglake asking for a contribution to support a reporter they've sent to cover it and I sent them some money, maybe that was my subconscious rationalization for flaking later. I'm OK with that. No need for recrimination. There will be more, I can attend another.

Evening. A brief nap seems to have helped, but no way I'm heading for San Francisco to photograph the Wall Street demonstrators at five. Now that it's six. Some time on the guitar going over today's lesson, running through the chords that gave me so much trouble last week. Don't want to think too much about that, forgetting the chords.

We'll watch our Korean soap for the evening and then get to bed. Some of the usual crew is getting together tomorrow for beverages at Roy's and at another place for lunch they've been talking about in Jack London Square. I'm up for that. At least right now.

This evening, the head hurting a bit, a little sake now to ease the ache, we'll take it as it comes. Let's see, Wilson's friend Jon Geirlich passed away in Seattle the other day. I don't remember the face, but remember the name. Steve Jobs too, from the headlines. Have I begun reading the obituaries now? I hope not. I'll become a caricature as I get older, probably a caricature now, but we'll hold off the self recognition for as long as we can.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Cannabis Expo with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.