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October 4, 2011

You'd Have To Say

Tuesday. Eleven-twenty, back now from the haircut having gotten to bed at ten rather than eight (I'd forgotten the second installment of the Ken Burns Prohibition series was running on public television), up at seven after turning off the alarm and getting another hour's sleep, to breakfast and back under an overcast sky. It had been raining through the night, but had stopped for some time before I awoke and set out for breakfast. The bus then when I got back, still no rain, to head downtown and have that haircut. Hup, hup.

A dry mouth precursor to an ocular migraine was coming on as I was preparing to set out. Something I had for breakfast? Who knows, but it eased a bit as I rode on the bus, eased up all that much more after the haircut sitting in the Rotunda building over a raspberry shortcake cookie and a cup of mocha coffee. One pampers oneself when an ocular migraine in the offing.

Still, home now, some light coming through breaks in the clouds although they're saying rain through the end of tomorrow, the afternoon and evening ahead. More guitar, of course, maybe a walk after, but now I think I need a nap. Kill this ocular thing in its tracks while it's in retreat, show it no mercy. As some say: turnabout is fair play.

Later. A bit dingy still with the ocular migraine symptoms, still fading though as the day has progressed. A walk to the usual place for a hot chocolate (yes, with whipped cream) and a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, home now ready for whatever's next.

Some kids out learning to paddle on the lake as I was passing. I've not seen a group like this out on the lake before and it looked like they were having fun. I say learning to paddle as they didn't have a clue. From what I remember of my own days learning in a canoe it won't take all that long for them to figure it out. Nice sky with the clouds. No rain so far, but I wouldn't bet it won't come before the light gives out.

I saw the palms against the dark clouds sitting at the morning café and tried to get the same image by crossing the street and walking closer to get the shot. The light wasn't the same and they didn't quite work as well as I'd have liked. Still, you never know, best to try.

Later still. A bit of guitar, a couple of quick self portraits to compare the hair before and after the haircut. Pretty exciting stuff for a Tuesday afternoon in October you'd have to say.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Cannabis Expo with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.