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San Francisco Journalcon photos
San Francisco 2002 JournalCon

October 8th, 2002

Does It Matter?
A day off today. I needed a day after the weekend, after the last week at work, after yesterday, another long day at the office done at eight hundred miles an hour - everything is done at eight hundred miles an hour - and I needed to finish preparations for this upcoming operation (which I believe is bugging me more than I care to admit).

I had dinner with my old friend Sunday evening and learned what she's been doing these last ten years. I learned her brother, a good friend from the early days in San Francisco, is dead, dead of a heart attack suffered in a New York City taxi cab. I learned she herself has had two (successful) operations for cancer, both at extremely trying times in her life. I learned why I've not forgotten her over all these years. And then I went home and decided Monday to take this day Tuesday off and think.

I have another roll of film that I shot at the Sunday Journalcon lunch in the Haight that I'llDuring lunch at the San Francisco 2002 JournalCon have developed tomorrow. I believe I got photos of everyone there, although I had to borrow a roll of the really fast Kodak TMZ-3200 that Steve was shooting (do you suppose it's one of his secrets!), as I'd left my film in my jacket in the car. I haven't shot a roll of TMZ in a long time. I think you have to shoot it at 1600, rather than 3200, but I'll find out. This always makes me nervous, this experimenting in the middle of a shoot. The photo just above and the photo yesterday of Mighty Like a Rose was shot with my normal TMY-400 black and white before I ran out of film. Be curious how they compare.

Warm day on Sunday, leaving my coat in the car. Warm day today, ate lunch out by the lake. It's October and it's in the low eighties. Is this normal? Does it matter?

The photographs were taken at the 2002 San Francisco Journalcon held last weekend.