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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Why Diane doesn't write....

October 7th, 2002

Journalcon 2002
A good weekend, this Journalcon weekend. It ran smoothly, so smoothly you didn't have to think about what was happening, you just followed along. Every time I was surprised, I was favorably surprised. The panel discussions were uniformly interesting. "Life After Journalling". What's that about? Sounds kinda, um, dumb. Sounds like a journaler panel bullshitting a journaler audience. Not a hint. The themes that permeated the discussions were serious and thoughtful: "what are the motivations for keeping a journal?" "are there rules?" "is there a duty to truth?" "consequences in telling other people's stories out of class?" "consequences when the anonymous you is turned out?" And the cookies were really good. And they had swag. And they didn't mind having an old guy around.

I am reminded, as I look at my hit counter this evening, I became in my mind an officialMighty, Like a Rose member of the journal community with a mention in Beth's journal, something along the lines of "look, here's another one" on her side bar, the reminder being the number of people who are coming in through Xeney right now. The voice, that's a nice complement. I'm not sure anyone else has ever said that before, but, of course, it doesn't matter. My rejoinder is it's best I didn't tag along with the karaoke group and sing Some Enchanted Evening or Old Man River in a darkened room. Women would have skipped like gazelles over the age barrier, me in their sight, Ezio Pinza on their eyes, and we'd have been trampled. Right there. Trampled. It would have been ugly. So I have to be careful with this voice, you understand, careful with gazelles on a late night Pinza high, careful with hallucinations, come to think of it, like this one.

Anyway, a simple thanks to the five who put Journalcom together, thanks for this interesting experience. Good to see Steve (I tried not to dominate your time, sir, although I did, I did), to meet Jill and Lucy and (of course) Pamie, have lunch with Amanda and Jenn and Javina and the fabulous Renee (fabulous because she reminds me of an old friend from Kentucky) and to meet Lisa of Penguin Dust who's book list puts mine to shame (Awwww.) and some other folks who's names will come to me, as more and more things come to me these days, after this is posted. (Awwwww.)

The photographs were taken at the 2002 San Francisco Journalcon held last weekend.