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San Francisco Journalcon
How Berkeley Can You Be? parade

October 3rd, 2002

Forward To Sunday
A long last couple of days, these days, my attitude needing a serious readjustment. There is some thought changes will be announced tomorrow and these may make a difference. But I doubt it. I would be surprised if they laid me off, since I have this operation coming up and laying me off would be perceived as a bit rude, but you never know. I'm a minnow in this particular pond and I've gotten myself backed into a mental corner. No place to swim to, no place to hide (except inside) and writing about it isn't an answer.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, tomorrow evening is the San Francisco 2002 Journalcon dinner where I hope to see the newly reborn Amaya-Atkins precision motorcycle team and their respective mamas, one of whom keeps a journal of her own, and meet for the first time a bunch of people including Jill, Lucy and Beth who's journals I've followed for so many years. I'm pretty much a loner and don't do this journal to meet new people except the few people I've met, both journalers and readers, have been well met, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'll bring a camera. I'll shoot pictures. This will undoubtedly endear me to all.

I mentioned I met Wilson again last Friday at the San Francisco Comics Art Museum and we'd exchanged numbers. Our mutual friend MSM called me yesterday at the office when she heard and we're having dinner this Sunday. This has personally been a very good week and I am looking forward to Sunday.

The photograph was taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade. He's been tossed into the air by fellow gymnasts waiting below.