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San Francisco Journalcon
Berkeley Solano Stroll

October 2nd, 2002

Not Shoot Another
Monday. I dropped the film off at the camera shop this morning and it will be ready tomorrow afternoon. I admit to being curious. I said I was going to order the necessary supplies to develop my own black and white when B & H opens after their holiday. I believe they are open. The equipment is inexpensive, although I'll probably buy one of the traditional Gra-Lab darkroom timers just for old times sake. Great big black radioactive dial, you can read it from a fast car parked half a block down the street. (I know, but it's Monday, I'm allowed.) Many's the time I've watched that dial slowly circumnavigate the world as I moved a developing tank around in circles on a linoleum counter thinking thoughts of, oh, I don't know, thoughts of Johanna.

I am listening to Marianne Faithful's rich kid blues. Marianne nailed my ass years ago with her Broken English album at a time when I was listening to less and less music. I heard an interview recently where she flogged her latest release and thought, well, I really haven't heard anything from her since, so I ordered a two CD best of compilation and this particular rich kid blues CD from Amazon. The song Rich Kid Blues was written by Terry Ried and I've played Ried's rendition a thousand times. I give Marianne points just for choosing it, let alone using it to name her album.

Wednesday. Tuesday evening I went to the opening night of La Boheme at the Curran Theater, getting back to the apartment before midnight. I have not been to the Curran theater before (Lucy commented the seats are rudely uncomfortable) and I have not seen a live performance of La Boheme since college in Seattle. This San Francisco production is by Baz Luhrmann and it seems to closely follow his original Australian production, the setting 1950's Paris, the stage a collection of modular moveable buildings and interiors, the whole feeling of the thing rather stark, dark and other world. A large, but not too large and obvious electronic panel displayed an English translation of the score with what were obvious changes to make it fit the period. I made some notes and I will write about it again if the brain discovers something to say some night when I'm less tired.

The color photographs of the wedding turned out better than I expected, the black and white less so. I still think I'll not shoot another.

The photograph was taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll.