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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Lake Merritt, Oakland

October 14th, 2000

Looks Habitable
Some things are in the hands of the gods. The car wouldn't start this morning. During the last week it has been turning over very slowly, rowrrr-rowrrr-almost another rowrr-then start, so I made an appointment yesterday for an oil change and a check up, thinking, well, I won't use it much and maybe it will start the morning I'm to drop it off at the garage. Not to be. The electrics seem to work just fine, the radio comes on, the warning buzzers buzz, but nothing, dead, no clicks when you turn the ignition switch. For these things they invented AAA and maybe Car Talk.

I'll try it later and if it starts I'll drive it over to the garage and park it on the street, drop the key in an envelope through the mail slot with an explanatory note, walk to work, rain or shine, and not worry about the Renaissance Pleasure Faire since I don't have a car. Or is this attitude too passive? Wait til something breaks, til luck makes something happen and mandates your decision and your path. Why not? Skip the worry, planning and journal angst and just go with the flow from the start. There is an important question here, I think, and the answer might well be to procrastinate rather more than less. Hmmmm. I shall think about this. Experiment, perhaps. Nice day outside, just back from breakfast, walking to my cafe along the lake, good day to work inside with the computers, avoiding what little sunshine we have left before winter arrives.

I don't usually read my old entries. I've considered rewriting one or two of the On Display At lunch in San Francisco collaborations just to see how they'd read if I gave them a proper treatment. My one exception is in my referrer logs when someone has returned from one of my old entries and I'll click on it. What the hell. Was it any good? Takes time to get distance. I read one yesterday that I wrote last year in April, not long after the operation on my jaw. I bring up the jaw as a potential excuse, as the entry made no sense. I worry sometimes about my current writing in that it rambles, but I'm personally OK with that and I assume OK is OK as long as it's coherent and has a reasonable cadence. They're written in the evenings during the week, less whatever time is required to do the photographs, so none of them really get rewritten to the necessary tightness, but still, I see progress. Meanwhile half the journals I've been reading over these last two years seem to have hung up their spurs. Remember the rule: write. Then write some more.

Straightened up the bedroom this afternoon, did the laundry, took the fan apart and washed all of its surfaces. Looks habitable, the bedroom. Nice day.

The banner photograph was taken sitting on a bench beside Lake Merritt, down the hill from my apartment. The young woman was a fellow student at a computer class in San Francisco. The quotation is by Groucho Marx.