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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 28, 2017


Tuesday. Lights out fairly early to then awaken at five-thirty. OK, not the best time to be awakening, but up and out the door on a clear morning, realizing I'd forgotten to shave. Not sure how that happened, I just skipped a step in the routine without a blink and only noted the fact when I looked in the lobby mirror and saw that I hadn't brushed my hair. Oh, right. I do that when I shave.

Such is life?

These days.

Anyway, felt pretty good, clear headed, not much happening with the sinus-upper palate thing and so oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast over the papers reading about the various ways we're going to be raped by this tax bill coming up for a vote in Congress and then, on the way home, taking the usual pictures, some of them in focus, some of them not, some of them exposed correctly, some of them not. Not sure this small camera is worth the effort. Not sure in carrying it I'm not kidding myself that someone out there cruising along in camera stealing mode might not see it.

Such is life?

Apparently so.

Later. Bright sun and, in walking out onto the balcony briefly, thinking it was warm enough to set out in a light jacket and so I set out for the bus in a light jacket. A cold breeze. Almost turned back to get a sweater or heavier jacket.

Still, on the bus to the Broadway ATM and then a quick walk by the construction site where the apartment house under construction had burned (they never did find out how it burned, accident or arson) to take a few snapshots before the bus home arrived. And they were snapshots. Should have taken more time and blown off the bus. They come every twenty minutes. Did I mention it was chilly?

Caught the bus with about twenty seconds to spare and went right home to process the pictures. Feel pretty good, in so far as pretty good goes these days, and so I'm thinking of heading out again or doing something really odd like run a single load of laundry to take care of two shirts that need cleaning.

You won't do that.

Probably not, but I'm thinking I might. Tomorrow. Whenever.

Evening. A bath and more time on the tablet and that's been the afternoon and evening. Watched pieces of Democracy Now on television, but that's all I could find that I was willing to see. Deedle-dee-dee. Caught up on a couple of magazines I really don't need to be subscribing to anymore, what with my reading habits. Newspapers, yes. Still read the news, but would I if it wasn't for the routine of reading them over breakfast?

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon 1 V1 camera mounted with a 30-110mm f 3.8-5.6 Nikon 1 Nikkor lens.