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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 27, 2017


Monday. The car started right up and so to the lab, finding a parking space easily enough, to have the blood drawn for the various tests and then back to the apartment, the car starting again without a glitch. Maybe take care of charging its battery today. This week.

Decided to park at home and then walk to breakfast as the sky was clear, had been clear when I got up at six-fifteen this morning after, yes again, a decent night's sleep. Took a large camera in the backpack, thinking is would be safer as there'd be more people on the sidewalks when I was walking home, a first step maybe in getting out of this leave the cameras at home funk. Which I did. Take pictures walking home.

Oh, and had the steak, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. What the hell, we'd been fasting (for all of two hours longer than usual) and I was hungry. We'll see how that sits for the rest of the morning and through the coming afternoon with our ocular Fates.

And yes, tired. Not to the degree we seem to have had it yesterday, but tired enough to lie down on the bed for ten minutes after getting home. Would more walking help? Better exercise? Start doing more than just the pumping with the little seven pound dumbbells every day now for these last several months, go after better upper body strength? Any additional exercise would undoubtedly “help”, just not sure it would help with this “tiredness” business. We'll continue with the dumbbells, continue to up the reps.

Later. Still tired in the late morning when the end of month shipment from Amazon arrived, one of the cans of V-80 juice having ruptured in one of the large boxes and leaking tomato juice as it sat there on the lobby rug. And so got the thing cleaned up, put the various food items away where they belonged and got rid of the soggy packing materials into their various bins. Took five and ten minute periods lying down between doing all of this, although the tiredness (happy, happy) seems to have gone away by about one in the afternoon. Maybe two in the afternoon. V-8 juice or not, life is good.

Sunny, sixty degrees out there, maybe stick my nose out just to say I did.

Later still. A very short walk to see if there'd been any changes to the lot (and building below) where they're due to build two apartment/condominium buildings as I've been seeing some activity and workers parked by it recently. No parking until April 18th of next year. Whatever activity there's been seems to be happening in the interior of the building as there were no changes I could see, other than the ever growing vegetation.

Evening. Feel pretty good. The sinus/upper palate has been behaving, perhaps because I took a second dose of the pain meds, perhaps because it felt like feeling better. I encourage it to feel better anytime it desires.

They ran The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years last night on PBS and I watched some of it. It's running again this evening to be followed by The Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution on another (raising money) PBS channel. Been a while since those days, a glimpse at a chapter from long ago in a different life on a different planet. They're not forgotten, but diminished, and so watched some of the first program, as I'd done yesterday, and then gave up and went to bed with the tablet. Soon grew tired of the tablet.

The photo up top was run one year ago today in the journal, taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.