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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 22, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out just after nine to then have sleep come on slowly like a gypsy wind, putting me under for maybe an hour before picking up and leaving again, causing me to awaken over and over to watch the clock click off the hours. How many times did I awaken? Too many times to remember, finally awakening for good at five forty-five to get up and walk to breakfast. Not tired, the energy seemingly good, but I'm wondering how the rest of the day will go after last night's tug-of-war decides to kick in.

Clear skies, they're saying a high of seventy degrees today. I decided to put off the tests at the lab that require a ten hour fast and eat breakfast this morning. Get the Protime blood thinner test that's due today, but then get the other fasting tests done on Monday morning as for those there's no reason to hurry. Besides I'm hungry.

The chicken-apple sausage, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Caution to the wind. What the hell, we'll know soon enough if we've screwed the pooch. Now if I could only stop babbling on about it here and can the idiot wind.

Brought the small V 1 camera with a wide angle zoom lens this time as the lens is smaller and more easily carried under the jacket. I'm going to bring the large DSLR starting Friday (the breakfast café isn't open on Thanksgiving Day) in the backpack, carrying it in hand on the way home with one or two adjustments in how I'm carrying it. Now to start the laundry and then, after it's finished, to the lab. Busy morning.

Later. A bus at twelve-thirty to the Broadway ATM, the camera in the backpack, to walk on then to the lab arriving five minutes before they opened. Good. First in line, a yogurt cup and coffee at the building café afterward and then a walk to Broadway to take a crappy picture from a different location of the apartment house construction site. On then, catching a bus to Grand and then another bus home. Tired, but none of the double vision/funky headed crap.

Evening. Started a Korean series that piqued my interest on the tablet. Took a look at Midsomer Murders and the Anne of Green Gables series on PBS, but bailed. My interest in whole categories of programs I once would have watched is long gone. I'm now adding this tomorrow morning, the lack of energy to write after about two in the afternoon seems to be history. At least we've retained our appetite for ice cream, even if the interest in such as pizza is gone.

The photo up top was taken of Carol Doda in the early seventies at the Rip Off Press in San Francisco with a Canon film camera shooting Tri-X film. Don't remember the lens.