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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 17, 2017


Friday. I was tired last night and so lights out by nine to then awaken at five-thirty. Not unexpectedly. You go to bed early, you awaken early, although you drag out as long as you need to make up the time in getting up and going through the morning routine. Usually. Realized I'd forgotten the third task on the get ready to head out the door to have breakfast list as I looked into the bathroom mirror when I was dressed. To shave. Just blew right on by.

I usually shave with the electric razor lying in bed, do a proper job of it, and then return to the bathroom with the reading glasses to take care of the sideburns. You have to be careful as the left side grows more slowly than the right and I haven't gotten so old that I no longer care if they're in balance or not. The mind may be getting wobbly, but the sideburns shouldn't advertise the fact.

OK, life did not end, but a note to document the memory glitch and how smoothly it slipped right by. Just didn't occur to me I'd missed a task I've done daily for thousands of times.

Still, out the door under a clear sky wearing a sweater under the (lighter weight) winter jacket for the first time this season. Cool out there, but a decent walk to have their Crab Cake Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Not sure how they prepare their “crab cake”, but I'm telling myself they're not preparing it with anything to put us into OcularLand.

Sunny and warmer walking home, the usual pictures plus a picture of the two man crew in the parking lot below my apartment. They seem to be finishing up whatever it is they were doing. Good for them. Good for us.

You're babbling.

I am.

Later. Clear headed enough and so a bus to the Broadway ATM to then turn right around and catch a bus back home. Many temptations to go downtown, to photograph any progress at the construction site near Grand and Webster, to pick up something for lunch, but all to no avail. Home it was, sun or not, clear headed or not. So I guess we're where we're supposed to be on a sunny Friday.

A walk later with one of the DSLR cameras just to get outside the apartment, taking a picture as I passed the construction area in the parking lot to see they had simply extended the trench or whatever it is running parallel to the sidewalk, thought about getting something at the burger drive-in, but ended up taking a snapshot above the lake and then returning home.

Not much in the way of pictures.

Not much in the way of an outing.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now! that's been spending this last week at COP23 in Bonn. Who else in the MSM is spending this amount of time reporting on it?

And what was I doing to spend an evening in times of turmoil, climate disaster and political madness? Well, watching one or two lame, but mildly entertaining series on the tablet in bed. What else does one do as Rome burns and the world is coming to an end?

Other than drifting into idiotic senseless babble?

The photo up top was taken through a store front window on Lakeshore a year ago in November with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.