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Here In Oakland

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November 30, 2016

Pretty Quick

Wednesday. Lights out by ten, awake at six-fifteen, up and out the door in reasonably good shape on another cool (cold to this Californian) not looking like rain, morning. Camera in hand.

The Eggs Benedict for breakfast, only partially throwing caution to the wind (our experience with their Eggs Benedict has been pretty good), to then walk home, the sky more overcast than it seemed earlier and, although you couldn't see any rain, the light wind let you know you were walking through an invisible mist that caused little pin pricks of moisture on the skin. Still, no rain and so no complaints.

Edited yesterday's mess of an entry as best I was evidently able and posted it, but then decided to lie down on the bed for a while and listen to the radio, let the head come together (I'd taken the pain meds when I got home) before I made any decisions or started this.

It is still overcast as it approaches noon, but the weather people are saying sun later today and through the rest of the week. I didn't pull down any of the photographs I've had taped above the computer area and put them into that last of the photo albums and maybe we can do some today. Get rid of the Scotch taped to the wall pictures and replace them with framed prints. As in the rest of the apartment. I'm not sure that's enough encouragement to get me to actually do it.

Every journey starts with that now legendary first step.

Not the first time I've heard that.

Later. A bit of a surprise. I did take the pictures down from the wall above the computer station, thinking they'd take up a decent percentage of the empty album and discovered, after a couple of hours, I'd taken down and slipped sixty pictures into the eighty available slots.

I does make a big visual difference in how the area looks - no more wall of images - and it bodes well for more changes to come. Framing prints to take their place being one. So. A little shocked, but pleased.

Evening. Out of gas, mostly, after taking down the photographs and so spent time on the tablet, spent time watching television and now to bed pretty quick.

The photo up top was taken two years ago to the day in Portland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.