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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


December 1, 2016


Thursday. Lights out last night at eight, awake at six-fifteen. Must have been tired as there wasn't really any point at which I awoke and then couldn't get right back to sleep again. So good. I guess.

Anyway, they were saying a clear sunny day today and the sky was indeed clear walking to breakfast. A bit cold, the eyes tearing up as I was walking, but off to breakfast to have the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries and then head back home again.

I'd passed by more discarded clothes that had been plopped down in two small piles along the sidewalk below the school. Yesterday the sidewalk had been covered with piles of them. A story there you'd suspect, but with a bit of a twist to it. You'd think whomever was responsible was probably acting out for living cold and hungry on the street, as opposed to someone who figured he'd just get rid of old clothes in the middle of the night, let the city or school take care of it. More probably just me inventing stories on the way to breakfast.

With the sun today I do really have to get outside again. There's a prescription refill waiting, so that will be the excuse, but then again I've also now got this blank white wall above my work area that needs fixing. I now react every time I see it walking in from the bedroom to the computer area. It's startling, the difference in accustomed brightness, a genuine “what??” response when I look up. Framed prints, though. Doing those will take time, but time starting today.

Later. And so the walk to the pharmacy to stand in line and pickup the prescription, the pain meds. Interesting to see how much more information they require before passing them over the counter than they do for regular, not on the DEA list, prescriptions.

Anyway, stopping at the café near the fitness club for an ice cream sandwich and coffee on the way home, the air still chill and the sun having that fall season extra measure of brightness. A photograph of four people taking a picture in the lot at the base of my hill as I was passing. I'm not the only one out there playing around with a camera.

Later still. More taking down pictures taped to an adjoining wall. Ordered three larger frames online to match two framed prints I have on hand to take their place to cut down on the white space. Now to find three images for those three frames. We'll think about it later.

Took a bath, watched television and a search through a Lightroom book looking for instructions on how to create camera profiles, the result that talked about color correction proving not useful as color correction has not been the problem. Still, haven't done any digging around like this in a while. How many “how to” books do I have sitting unread up on shelves?

This is just you filling space with babble. Just stop. Maybe take a nap.

Just when I was going to mention having taken the blood pressure? Ninety-seven over sixty-nine? Really?

Evening. Watched Democracy Now and not much else. Nothing on Charlie Rose and so at least thinking we'll turn the lights after eight tonight and got into bed with the tablet to start a movie. The apartment house front door buzzer sounded just before nine.

Up, befuddled, pull on the pants, put on a sweater. No sign of anyone at the front door, but a large Amazon package sitting in the lobby. Life as a pin ball in the Amazon machine.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.