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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 27, 2016


Sunday. Lights out again before ten to awaken at close to seven getting more than enough sleep. Good. Up and out the door to drive to breakfast under clear skies and a bright sun to have the apple sausage, eggs and country potatoes with fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, thinking the “apple” in apple sausage meant we wouldn't be gambling with starting anything ocular later this morning.

The drive home, the head feeling good, no reason to suspect we won't get as much done here today as we did yesterday around the apartment, taking the dose of pain meds when we got home to keep the faith and follow through with the better than good results we've had these last two days.

Later. Not so bad. More work on the living room getting rid of this and that. Still crowded, but less so and most of the things that don't belong in a living room are now stored elsewhere. Some of those things elsewhere should be in the trash, but we'll deal with that later.

A walk to get outside, over to and along the lake, and then on again toward the morning café to stop at the new pastry shop. I've stopped there before, but the lines have been long and my patience short and so I had yet to try any of their fare. Today there was no line and so I pointed at a small pastry. Eight dollars for a small (very good tasting) pastry. And it was good, but I obviously have no experience when it comes to pastry shops and their prices.

I managed to forget they run old Elementary episodes late in the afternoons on weekends and so stumbled into yesterday's first episode fifteen minutes after it had started at four, watching it through and then dialing into what turned out to be the same episode on another station when it started at five. Did the exact same thing today, dialing in by chance at four-fifteen and then discovered the same episode running on that other channel when it ended at five. Another memory glitch to add to the list, but this time an exact duplicate of one I'd experienced only one day before.

Evening. A good day. Maybe not as up as these last two days, but still managed to get more stuff done. The living room is looking more like a living room and less like a photographer's cave. We're up for having a living room again, at least for a while.

Nothing on television and not much on the tablet. To bed to finish reading two pieces I found of interest and started reading in two magazines that arrived this week. We read the papers daily, we struggle to read the magazines that arrive and we seem to have pretty much stopped reading books of any kind. Strange.

The photo up top was taken at last November's Climate March Demonstration at the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.