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November 26, 2016


Saturday. To bed early to awaken at quarter to six, all clear headed and ready for the morning. And breakfast. A light rain, but more than enough to justify driving to breakfast to find they'd been rearranging and painting their dining room. Not quite done with the painting, but a break in the routine, my table in a different location.

Turns out the meters aren't being enforced today, learning this in a story in the East Bay Times, so no hurrying to finish by eight. Still a light rain on the drive home, again, feeling just fine: clear headed, a different me. Took the pain meds after I arrived home, as I did yesterday, to see if we can't extend this good start through the day.

I made quite a bit of progress clearing out the pictures taped to the book cases yesterday and, with the rain today, I've been thinking we can take it a step further. Seems trivial, this keeping at it, but a large deviation from my slothful existence. Any taming of the sinus-upper palate is a big deal around here, something I at times forget.

Onward, through the fog?

Through the rain.

Later. I've done more this day in getting things in order in the living room and computer area than I've done in, well, a long time. Maybe forever and I still seem to have a head of steam. Ordered another two of the 8"x10" photo albums, enough storage for another 140 prints. Easy to do, just click and ship, but still a good sign we're continuing with this unusual change in our habits. In our routine. Rut. Be nice to know how this has come about when I need to call it up again. I have no doubt I'll be looking for a way to make this happen again too soon.

Later still. More of the same. Good. I don't recognize the living room, the vacuum cleaner has had a better workout than it's had in a year and I'm done for the day. Still clear headed, although those spicy noodles I ate earlier (if they were the culprit) put me in bed in front of the tablet for about an hour. Dry mouth, a clear headed dry mouth, but an over the top dry mouth that had us worried for a while before it disappeared.

Evening. It's difficult/impossible to describe how different this day has been through the day and now into the evening. Clear headed, good energy, much accomplished. I know: babble, babble, but I'm surprised to see how surprised I really am, putting into stark relief how badly some days in these last months have consistently been.

Be careful, you're setting yourself up for a fall tomorrow.

We'll throw caution to the wind, tempt the Fates and shout hooray!

The photo up top was taken at the Lake Merritt pergola last year this month with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.