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November 23, 2016

Right Back To

Wednesday. To bed and lights out by ten, awake at six-thirty to take my time getting up, get the papers and turn on the computer. No breakfast until after the blood test later at ten-thirty. Some thought given to the delivery due today from Amazon, arrange something should it show up when I'm gone. So a note to tape to the outside mailbox listing who to contact in the building if I haven't returned.

And that was the morning until the drive to the lab to have the blood drawn, easily enough accomplished after finding a parking space right off the bat in an area I thought should have some open. Home to park the car, check for packages (no packages) and then walk to the morning café for breakfast. There'd been very light showers driving home from the lab and heavier showers while eating the late breakfast, but clear and sunny walking home to the apartment.

And the photo album and extra pages along with two of my end of month food orders had indeed arrived while I was out. Lucked out.

Later. Put together the third photo album, taking down the photographs I've had taped to the book cases in the living room. Quite a few book cases, quite a few pictures, put up at one point when I realized other photographers taped theirs up in their living areas as they felt it necessary to review their own work day in and day out. Too many of them look as if they could have been done better.

I did skip the Tramadol today, after yesterday's decision to see how things would go without it. (Not comments I recommend posting on the web if you have things such as a job or commitments best met if the people involved need to believe you're not off your head.)

I do have thoughts - middle of the night thoughts - about retired photographers who stray in this way, but so far I haven't stopped.) So far, so good. The sinuses are letting me know they're there and I suspect they might recede somewhat if I were to take a dose of the meds, but we'll see how they fare with more days under our belt.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, went to bed and watched one or two things on the tablet. Hard to find things on the tablet worth watching, but now and again you stumble across one that surprises and I guess that's enough to keep you going. Got up again at eight to see who Charlie Rose was interviewing. Trump again. Went right back to bed.

The photo up top was taken from the journal entry run one year ago today with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.