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Here In Oakland

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November 21, 2016

Bed Again

Monday. Awakened at ten to six after what I'm assuming was a decent night's rest. No sign of rain under a reasonably clear sky while walking to breakfast, no moaning or groaning on my part in setting out. So good. And a good Monday morning breakfast.

A bright sun walking home taking the usual pictures and one less than usual image, wondering what kind of pills had been in the blister packs. Probably better not to know.

The usual internal “do this and do that” discussion along with a dose of the pain meds after getting back from breakfast, the sinuses and upper palate acting up. Maybe continue the work with the prints I'd assembled in the two new albums? I've been thinking of adding a third after an idea occurred on ways to better group them in telling their stories.

Later. Set out over along the lake to the Lakeshore ATM at noon and then had a yogurt and small coffee out at a table in front of Noel's Bagels coming home. When's the last time I've done that? Too long. Big cumulus clouds with dark bottoms and white tops were moving across the sky, but it was warm in the direct sun in a light jacket, less warm when it disappeared behind one of those clouds. Still, a comfortable walk, the head clear, the sinus-upper palate letting us know it's there, but behaving.

And that's been it. Listened to the news (another Fukushima earthquake, Trump acting up), clocked through the usual web news sites, watched this and that on the tablet and ordered that third photo album from Amazon along with the extra pages.

Evening. Watched the Democracy Now discussion with Jeremy Scahill and his take on the Trump appointments that have been announced. Decided listening to that was enough for one life and went to bed and the tablet, getting up again at eight to listen to Thomas Friedman discuss his new book on Charlie Rose. I've learned over the years to be more than ambivalent about Friedman, but was curious about the current book and this “accelerating world” he so enthusiastically described. Bailed before he was finished and headed back to the tablet and bed again.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR G Nikkor lens.