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Here In Oakland

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November 7, 2016


Monday. Lights out at close to ten last night, awakening at quarter to six feeling pretty good. Just fine, in fact, recalling how up and down things had arranged themselves yesterday.

A walk to breakfast, the sky overcast but, as yesterday, the weather people saying it will break later in the morning. A good walk, a good breakfast, a couple of pictures on the way home. Not bad. Not bad at all, I was thinking, as I entered the apartment.

And so far, that's how it's gone. The usual sinus-upper palate background, but nothing over the top. Reasonable, in other words. Given our experience. Maybe see if I can't do some laundry today. I usually choose Tuesdays, as another tenant likes to do hers on Mondays, but maybe we'll check, start ours once she's done.

Later. Dreamweaver still seems to be behaving: good. Fixed itself without my having to break a sweat. Not that I'm in the habit of breaking sweats.

What does that mean?

I don't know. It just sort of meandered there on its own.

Watched some television, properly scrubbed the stove top, something from the look of it I obviously haven't done in quite some time. Watched the new episode of Elementary that played last night on the tablet. The plot lines are at least consistent, none of them plausible or particularly believable, so I must be getting something else that keeps me coming back. Doesn't matter, I guess.

Sunny out there. I have one of the blood thinner Protime tests due to be done tomorrow, so plenty of walking there. Need to think of something to get me outside today, this afternoon, this hour. “Over to the lake” comes to mind. As is did yesterday and most every day before that. At least it can be said we have an option, there is the lake, can't really complain too much about that.

Later still. A walk (where else?) to the lake to take a right instead of the usual left at the shore to look at a maze they're restoring not far down the way, something I found described recently in the East Bay Times. And it was where I thought it was. Didn't look like much and I needed a wider angle lens to get a proper picture, so figured I'd get back to it later. Much later.

A picture of what I later counted to be a dozen pelicans out on the island. Not many birds about otherwise, so on to the shelter area for another picture. Two pictures. OK, enough for today, a walk over to Grand and then back to the apartment. Still the sinus-upper palate acting up, but within bounds, so a thought to take a dose of the pain meds was put on hold. Until whenever.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now to start the evening. An election tomorrow, from what they're saying. And saying. And saying. Can't complain, it's important, but for someone who's followed politics and elections most of his life, I must admit I'm depressed by this one. My ballot went into the mail over a week ago. Maybe, once you've cast your ballot, you find it more difficult to continue listening. Or perhaps it causes you to start babbling. Or something.

The photo up top was taken early Saturday afternoon by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 300mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.