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November 6, 2016


Sunday. Continued watching a movie on the tablet last night until eleven, an hour past my usual lights out time, awakening then just before six. A nice adjustment to the cancellation of Daylight Saving Time, be nice if it follows through tomorrow morning as well. Might. You never can tell.

Anyway, up and off to drive to breakfast, thinking I'd go by the supermarket afterward and pick up a new container of laundry soap, parked, had breakfast and then drove straight home. I'll check to see what laundry soap I still have left, see if it's enough to do the usual four loads Tuesday morning, but if not we'll drive to breakfast again tomorrow.

Was that your, um, plan? A way to skip out on walking twice?

No, justs odd to see how readily I'm willing to avoid these trivial little trips. Because they're in the car? I don't feel uncomfortable driving, don't have trouble driving, but I do avoid it. Life is different.

Overcast, but they're saying no rain. Need to go by an ATM later and then by the pharmacy to pick up a refill, so we'll get in our day's walking. I say “day's walking”, but I'm not sure it's nearly enough to count as exercise. A mile and sometimes two? Four would be better. Maybe a sit up or two would be better still.

Later. Dreamweaver has been behaving this morning (and now afternoon). Maybe it was indeed something it needed to do in the background that's now been done. Strange.

A walk to the Lakeshore ATM with the sinus-upper palate for some reason acting up more than usual, uncomfortably more than usual. No, I hadn't taken the prescribed dose of pain meds this morning although, as mentioned, I'd taken one yesterday. (Or the day before?)

Anyway, two scoops of ice cream at Dreyer's on the way home, a brief stop to sit for maybe five minutes on a bench by the lake and then home to take a dose and a half of the pain meds this time before lying down and watching the end of a Netflix movie.

Set in 11th Century Norway, this movie. Cold in 11th Century Norway. I was feeling some light perspiration lying on the bed though, recalling it was mentioned as a possible side effect of the pain meds. Not something I've experienced before after the few times I've taken the larger dose. Perspiration or not, the sinus-palate had straightened itself out. Worth the perspiration if it was the meds that caused it to stop. Anyway, no complaints, just another odd day.

Evening. It is a Sunday when they run older episodes of Elementary in the late afternoons and early evenings, something I'd forgotten until I ran across one fifteen minutes after it had started. So I watched the rest of it and started a second episode that followed.

Those two scoops of ice cream. How many times have I said I should avoid them? At least those two scoops I eat now and again, more again than now anymore, at Dreyer's? An ocular episode arrived as the second Elementary episode started and it put me right to bed at six-thirty, tired as all hell with the tell tale sparkly thing forming in the left eye, getting up an hour later with the head clearer and feeling better. I guess we are not free of these things except in our mind. And the mind is forgetful.

The photo up top was taken early Saturday afternoon by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 300mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.