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Here In Oakland

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November 17, 2015

While Watching

Tuesday. To bed early to awaken early, way too early, and so up to futz with yesterday's entry before driving to breakfast (early), figuring we'd not have to feed the meters and then head on to the supermarket to, at a minimum, replenish the frozen corn and peas. For some reason I eat a fair amount of corn and peas heated in the microwave in a coffee cup. I eat another fair amount of fruit, figured the corn and peas would help with the vegetables. So that's what I did. This morning.

Interesting in that in getting up early and turning on the computer to work on yesterday's entry broke my morning routine and I forgot to take the daily meds. No problem, remembered at breakfast, took them when I got home, but I'd broken the routine once before and had done this same thing, except I didn't remember until later that evening, throwing off the blood thinner. Don't want to mess with the blood thinner. Easy to do, break a routine and forget where you left your head.

Still, corn and peas in the freezer, cottage cheese and cheddar cheese spread in the refrigerator and a box of crackers along with two of the small bottles of sake on the kitchen counter. We did not escape the supermarket unscarred.

It's now well before ten, plenty of time to prepare to go downtown and shoot those Latham Square photographs and pick up that prescription refill. He said.

Later. Ignoring the “oh, I really don't want to go” feelings, I caught the ten-thirty bus to Latham Square, took the usual set of pictures, walked on to the pharmacy, picked up the prescription and managed to catch the bus back to the apartment house construction site with two minutes to spare. Just like that.

Some of the familiar slow vision stuff started as I was heading for the bus home, shifting the eyes to a new location kept the image of the old location intact and the resulting brief double image was confusing, so home to lie down for a while after taking the apartment house pictures. (Looks as if it's going to be difficult to shoot the back of the project once they finish that fence.)

All of which means we've gotten our out and about tasks for the day done before noon. The vision problem (and slightly odd tasting mouth) didn't last long, wondered if it was because I'd eaten some of that cheddar cheese spread and crackers before setting out, but whatever it was, it's gone and we're left with maybe attempting an item or two on our ‘to do’ list.

Later still. A good clear headed afternoon and so processed today's pictures and then put together another section of apartment house photographs for both the web sites, followed by converting yesterday's Latham Square section and posting it to artandlife. My, my. A good afternoon, maybe (as I'd threatened) take one of the four items on the ‘to do’ list and get it done. The one easy one.

Evening. Didn't tackle the easy task on the list, but I suspect we'll do something with it tomorrow. Thought through what was needed and decided that not much was required, so we're closer.

Watched Democracy Now to start the evening and that was it for television. Some time on the tablet, yes, but not a lot of time on the tablet, drinking those two bottles of sake I picked up this morning while watching. Felt good, those two bottles of sake while watching.

The photo up top was taken in front of the dentist's office at our last appointment with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.