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November 16, 2015

Reading Fit

Monday. A pretty decent night's sleep: lights out early enough, awakening then at six-thirty, out the door to breakfast on a clear cold morning. Thought more than twice about driving, but it's Monday, we need to start the week right!

You still took the bus home, though.

Have I mentioned it was cold? It was cold.

Later. Nothing much going on this morning, other than taking a bath and then lying on the bed listening to the various pundits on Public Radio, a conversation going on in the back of my head about being hungry (sort of), but not coming up with anything I might like to eat, certainly nothing that would get me outside, sunny day or not. This seems to go on all the time, not sure it's worth a comment.

Finally set out at one to take pictures of the apartment house construction site, no luck talking myself into going to Latham Square, although that means I'll have to go tomorrow, particularly as there's another prescription refill that needs picking up. Too many thirty day supplies of pills, ninety days would make the pickups easier, but they would cut down on the downtown trips.

Not everyone worries about stuff like that.

Well, worry. We don't worry, we just deal with the days as they're dealt. Being old(er), you understand. Priorities change as a result.

Later still. I continued to fight it, but once I'd started on another two sections of apartment house photographs (finally getting into October, still two months behind) it went without incident, seemingly happy to be going through the web pages and pictures. If I'd been really ambitious I'd have done another section for Latham Square. I still might.

Don't say that. You'll just flake out and cement your reputation as a, well, flake.

Evening. I did put together a Latham Square section after all the earlier angst. Listened to Democracy Now and whatever other news was playing (France 24 is still lost in the Paris attacks, something you can understand, but 24/7 coverage does get repetitive). To bed early, although I'm not hopeful about what I might find to watch on the tablet.

Television and tablet? Doesn't sound too nourishing.

We season them with an occasional reading fit.

The photo up top was taken Saturday by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.