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Here In Oakland

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November 10, 2015

Go Outside

Tuesday. A lot of talk of “tiredness” and reactions to vaccinations and such these last three days, with some thought I'd gotten through all of it yesterday. Yesterday, in retrospect, was more screwed up than I'd first thought. Maybe not good if you can't tell up from down when you're in the middle of it, whatever the “it” of the moment might be. But we'll leave it at that. Today is clearly back on track, vaccinations and fulmination aside.

To bed early enough to awaken just before six. Too early, but an excuse to take the car and drive, finishing breakfast before eight on a sunny and quite cool autumn morning. We'll head downtown for a set of Latham Square pictures later and get back into the routine. He said quite determined to actually do the thing. Indeed.

Later. A ten-thirty bus downtown to Latham Square and a set of pictures. They'd taken down the scaffolding on the exterior of the Rotunda building and removed the paper they'd taped over the stairwell windows, so some pictures from above. Plenty of sun, but cool enough to need the long sleeved shirt and light jacket.

The downtown bus had arrived early (the driver in a hurry) and so time enough to sit down for five minutes with a small cup of coffee before catching the return bus to the apartment house construction site and take another set of pictures before heading home. So far, so good, in the sense the day has started well with energy seemingly to spare. Well, enough to get the picture taking done before noon.

Later still. There's a minimum wage demonstration scheduled at four in front of the Oakland City Hall, about the same time as the Republican debate that's streaming over the Internet. If my head were screwed on properly I'd photograph the demonstration (no way to know how many people may show up) and fill in what happened with the Republicans later. If all this talk about the energy having come back is real.

You do still have second thoughts about heading out late in the day with cameras after having the one stolen downtown. You could use that as an excuse.

You're not supposed to be encouraging me with useful reasons to bail. Yes, I still have moments when I look back over my shoulder, little electric current episodes that bring it all back, but I'm either interested in photographing these things (both for the cause and the candid portraits) or I'm not, and, if not, we need to take steps.

As in?

As in finding other subjects, other projects to shoot, or find another whole new direction to head. Which I'd rather not, the whole new direction to head part. Sounds much too stressful to contemplate on a late Tuesday afternoon.

Evening. Bailed on the minimum wage demonstration and discovered my anti-ad browser software caused the Fox Business News site to not allow me to watch the Republican debate and so I spent this evening wide awake, buzzing a bit and doing little more than watching what I could find on the tablet.

Oh, and the minimum wage demonstration turned out to be both large and well worth photographing for someone with enough ambition and fortitude to get it together and go outside.

The photo up top was taken at the Dias de los Muertos celebration at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.