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November 24, 2014

Ready To Go

Monday. To bed early. I did watch the beginnings of two movies on the tablet, looking for something I might like to finish, but lights out after nine and awake with the alarm. Feel much better than I did yesterday. Just my rhythm at this age, I guess. Some days you're slow, some days you're not. No complaints with not.

Another sunny morning. Breakfast and the two papers (no Tribune on Mondays), back now at the apartment with the world holding together. I suspect it will hold through the train this evening or, if it doesn't, at least through the haircut scheduled this morning for ten. The hair needs a serious trim.

If I had misgivings yesterday, wondering if I've been stuck in a rut now for so long that the thought of travel, of breaking the rut, was having a negative effect. I believe we can lay that to rest. Feel good. (He said. )

Later. It is a nice morning, warm enough to wear a long sleeved shirt, no jacket, warm (without a wind) walking in the shade. And the head is/was clear. And the birds were singing somewhere. I'm sure. A bus to the ATM on Broadway and then walking on to my haircut appointment in the City Center, arriving on time. We're squirrelly about arriving on time.

Hair clipped (ready for Thanksgiving), a small coffee and a bun out at a table in front of the bagel shop before catching a bus back home, getting off a stop early to photograph the large crane I'd seen moving heavy flat square plates of some kind onto the structure earlier on the trip downtown, realizing, when I saw it what looked to be a portable crane being moved in place, that some of those plates were there to provide a base for this crane. So pictures.

Again, feel good, really good compared it to yesterday. No thought of a nap. The sinuses are acting up, but nothing too bad and not adding to feeling tired. I suspect all my bitching about sinuses has more to do with the feeling tired side of the equation than the sinuses themselves. Not something you want to experience (if given the choice), but nothing to worry about unless there are other things going on that mix in with it.

One in the afternoon. Maybe pack the laptop now and think about what clothes to pack for the trip. The cameras are taken care of. Now, if I can remember the blood test kit, we can do the Protime test this coming Friday on the road and all will be well. He said.

Later still. A brief period of dry mouth and feeling wiggy but, after lying down for a while, it passed along and the day continued well. All packed. I think. I've been remembering things all day and taking care of them as I remembered, but I'm pretty sure things are under control, packed and sitting in the short hallway by the front door. Oh, and a cab has been scheduled.

Evening. The cab's due at eight-thirty, the train (they say) is on time to arrive at nine-forty. I'm ready to go.

The photo up top was taken of a Great Egret yesterday on Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.